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San Mateo County Now Using Commvault's HyperScale to Protect Data

Nestled between San Jose and San Francisco, the County of San Mateo comprises 22 different cities and a combined population of more than 760,000 residents. Due to the close proximity to Silicon Valley, it also attracts some of the biggest names in tech: including Electronic Arts, Facebook, the Oracle Corporation and more.

As such, it should come as no surprise that they recently joined forces with one of the most prolific companies in cloud data management and protection: Commvault. They've experimented with numerous companies in the past, including Tivoli, but they eventually settled on Commvault several years ago – and they haven't looked back.

'''Enter Commvault's HyperScale Appliance'''

In total, the County of San Mateo produces approximately 170 TB of backup data through traditional means, including the Commvault HyperScale appliance. Data is processed and stored via Nutanix and uses approximately 1,200 servers in a hyper-converged architecture.

According to their standard operating procedures, all backup data is stored locally and on-site for 14 days – or two weeks. The data is then transferred to Amazon's AWS Simple Storage Service via the Commvault HyperScale appliance for long-term archival.

Jon Walton, chief information officer with the County of San Mateo, explained the county's decision to go with Commvault by stating: "At the County of San Mateo, we are proud to demonstrate to the world that the benefits of digital transformation are not limited to the private sector. We chose the Commvault HyperScale Appliance because it provides efficient functionality in a scale-out design that will let us seamlessly expand as our environment grows. By replacing our legacy data management hardware with an agile, scale-out solution, we are confident we can get the simplicity and performance we need to continue our digital transformation."

The relationship between the County of San Mateo and Commvault is so successful that the county completely eliminated the use of tape-based backup over the past few months. Not only does this streamline the time it takes to archive and restore files, but it minimizes the overall footprint of data storage devices and hardware, too.

Scott Little, vice president of sales with Commvault, shared the county's enthusiasm in the partnership by saying: "The County of San Mateo is a leader in showing how the hybrid cloud enables forward-thinking government agencies to accelerate the development and deployment of smart city initiatives. We are excited to help continue to succeed in digital transformation. By leveraging the Commvault HyperScale Appliance, can focus even more on the smart city projects that are making the County of San Mateo a model for transparent, tech-savvy government."

Moving Forward with Commvault

While Commvault's HyperScale Appliance wasn't introduced until 2017, they've been a major player in the cloud computing game ever since its inception. Responsible for managing and protecting the data of some of the biggest names in business as well as governmental and academic institutions around the globe, the team at Commvault certainly knows their way around the industry.

For more information on Commvault, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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