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SAS Embraces Cognitive Computing

SAS Analytics, known for pushing the boundaries of big data analysis in the 21st century, recently announced their embrace of two distinct forms of cognitive computing. The official word was delivered to a packed audience at the SAS Analytics Experience event, which was held in Las Vegas in mid-2016.

Oliver Schabenberger, executive vice president and CTO with SAS, explained the idea behind cognitive computing as well as his company's support for the evolving technology. He was quoted as saying: "Cognitive computing is disruptive, combining technologies such as natural language processing, image processing, text mining and machine learning to augment human intelligence. SAS has supported cognitive technologies in analytics for decades. The exciting change is applying deep learning and high-performance computing to achieve greater automation and accuracy in the interaction between computers and people."

Made popular through IBM's Watson supercomputer, a number of companies are suddenly realizing the benefits of cognitive computing for themselves. In this case, SAS is using the technology to support the development of the SAS Visual Investigator platform as well as the newly introduced SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning software suite.

The first product, the SAS Visual Investigator, is meant to provide a graphics-based approach to the process of monitoring and tracking searches and inquiries. With automated network discovery, the ability to identify hidden networks and high level of adaptability, SAS Visual Investigator streamlines communications between departments, facilitates greater organizational transparency and simplifies the entire reporting process.

Brooke Fortson, product marketing manager with the Data Science and Emerging Technologies division of SAS, detailed some of the benefits of SAS Visual Investigator by saying: "Complex and disparate data can really slow down investigators. SAS Visual Investigator alleviates these challenges by bringing together data and exposing patterns of interest. The visual and interactive interface lets users import data, perform point-and-click exploratory analysis, and access third-party systems. When all data is easily accessible, well governed and up-to-date, intelligence analysts can stay ahead of issues."

SAS's second product, the SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning software, is focused on machine-based learning algorithms and processes. More specifically, the software is meant for applications in facial or speech recognition, ecommerce and medical technology.

Jonathan Wexler, product manager with SAS Analytics, explained some of the benefits of SAS Data Mining and Machine Learning by saying: "SAS Data Mining and Machine Learning is built on the company's solid expertise and reputation of delivering scalable and adaptable analytics that solve real business problems and yield measurable business value. This software helps provide positive outcomes to increase profitability, better understand customer behavior and decrease the cost of doing business."

Both the SAS Visual Investigator and the SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning package are available to consumers now. To find out more information on either of these two products, or for details on any of the other products and solutions offered by SAS, please visit their official website at For inquiries regarding sales, customer service or technical support, interested parties can call 1-800-727-0025 to speak with a live service representative.


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