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How Satcom Direct Protects Data on Land, In the Sea and In the Air

The team with Satcom Direct has been involved in communications ever since their inception in 1997. Beginning with the Global One Number service, which facilitated ground-to-air communications via a 10-digit number regardless of the aircraft’s physical location, the company has played a critical role in the refinement and development of satellite-based communications in the 21st century.

In a recent effort to expand their services even further, Satcom Direct has unveiled TerraCom Direct: a new provider of data center service. As such, the company hopes to bolster communications on the ground, in the air and on the water for years to come.

Moreover, Satcom Direct also provides security for the information of their clients. The newly announced data center, which is located in Viera, Florida, is meant to support information security as well as communications on behalf of the military and aerospace sectors.

Jim Jensen, CEO and founder of Satcom Direct, spoke about the new data center in the initial press release, where he was quoted as saying: “Information security is a huge issue for businesses and individuals. Our new data center is the key to safeguarding connectivity and communications streams, and better securing the missions of our customers. Satcom Direct and TerraCom Direct customers can have enterprise level security for air, land and sea.”

However, Satcom Direct and their newly launched data center will have to compete with other facilities within the region. Given the heightened popularity of data centers as of late, this might not be an easy task.

Rich Pilock, president of TerraCom Direct, is well aware of the challenges his team faces. He was quoted as saying: “The key advantage we have over other data solution providers is flexibility. We offer a wide range of connectivity options, so whether the client simply needs rack space, a private network, or full migration to the cloud, we have the expertise and the capabilities. With our highly-redundant infrastructure and 24/7 support, we do everything possible to ensure 100 percent uptime and uninterrupted service.”

In addition to the launch of TerraCom Direct, the development team with Satcom Direct has also unveiled GlobalVT, which allows for the use of mobile numbers as well as SMS messaging while in-flight. The device works with any aircraft that has been previously equipped with the Satcom Direct Router.

As explained by Jim Jensen, his team faced a number of difficulties when pioneering the GlobalVT system, as well. He was quoted as saying: “Accomplishing simple smartphone use is easier said than done. Smartphones from multiple vendors with differing versions of operating systems make providing a common and easy user experience difficult. Adding to this challenge is that terrestrial-based networks vary in the ways in which they support voice and messaging. But we’ve developed a solution.”

To find out more information about Satcom Direct, including information on any of their current products, solutions or partnerships, please visit their website at Additionally, interested parties can also visit to find out more information about their brand new data center.


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