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Using the Seagate Dashboard

The Seagate Dashboard is a highly useful software suite that is included on every new purchase of a Seagate Backup Plus drive. However, many users don't realize that the software needs to be installed for it to be of any benefit.

Since it is included with every Seagate Backup Plus drive, there's no need to worry about an installation disc. Instead, simply locate the installation folder on your brand new drive and double-click the appropriate installer, either .exe for PC users or .dmg for Mac, to begin the process.


Right off the bat, PC users are given access to a little more functionality than their Mac counterparts. Specifically, those who are using Seagate Dashboard on a PC can access two separate protection options, either "Protect Now" or "New Backup Plan," simply by clicking on "Protect" at the dashboard's Home screen.

Choosing "Protect Now," as its name suggests, will immediately begin backing up all non-system files. For some users, this is all the protection they'll ever need.

Alternatively, you can choose "New Backup Plan" to setup a regular backup schedule, to set a continuous backup or even to take a snapshot of your current system. Once you've decided on a plan, clicking the pencil icon will allow you to modify the plan. This includes the ability to change your backup schedule, designate certain files or folder for archival and even change the destination for your backups.

Both PC and Mac users are able to access the "Share" feature, which is available by clicking "Share" on the Seagate Dashboard's Home screen. From here, simply click on the icon of the social media site you wish to share your content to.

Next is the "Save" option, which lets you download all of your online photos to one convenient backup location. Users who take frequent pictures might want to check the Auto-Save box, which gives the Seagate Dashboard the ability to automatically download and backup any new photos that you've uploaded.

Finally, users can also change the specific settings of their Seagate Dashboard. By click on the Settings icon, or by navigating to Dashboard Preferences, one can disable specific social networks, update your software change your geographical location.

Seagate Dashboard is even compatible with the Seagate Mobile Backup app, thereby letting users backup files from any Android or iOS-powered device. This can be accomplished though a Wi-Fi connection or by using a third-party service such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

As you can see, the development team with Seagate spared no expense when it came to developing a dashboard that was user-friendly, intuitive and comprehensive. While Mac users are slightly limited on the features they can access, the PC version of the software provides all the tools needed to backup and restore files from a PC, mobile device or cloud server.

If you're interested in finding out more information about the Seagate Dashboard, Seagate Backup Plus external hard drives or any of their products or services, please visit their website at


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