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Seagate Teams with Fornetix To Bolster Encryption

With cyber threats and identity theft on the rise, more and more developers are beginning to explore the reaches of advanced encryption as a means of bolstering the security of data. To that extent, Seagate has recently joined forces with the team at Fornetix to tackle the issue head on. With a combined focus in commercial and enterprise data storage as well as highly advanced computer security, their partnership should prove tough to overcome.

Seagate and FIPS PUB140-2

According to a recent announcement, Seagate's newest portfolio of hard drives is fully compatible with Forentix's advanced encryption key management architecture. In fact, Seagate's hard drives are so up-to-date with current security standards that they meet all requirements as listed in the Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 140-2 (FIPS PUB140-2).

Deb Oliver, president of government solutions with Seagate, talked about the need of balancing enhanced security with accessibility by stating: "Secure data storage is a universal need, but organizations like federal agencies face additional pressures when it comes to security, encryption and ensuring data is accessible to only those who should have access. Seagate has a long history of providing technologies that meet the most stringent security standards, and our integration with Fornetix extends this commitment by deepening the security we provide down to the key management level."

Not only that, but Seagate's new drives, informally known as the FIPS PUB140-2 line, can also be integrated with the entire range of Fornetix Key Orchestration solutions, provides automation and simplification that many comparable key management systems simply don't offer.

Jack Wright, COO and acting CEO with Forentix, LLC, spoke about his company's latest partnership by saying: "Fornetix is teaming up with Seagate to help expand the level of data encryption capabilities we’re able to offer the federal government and other organizations. Our secure key management, coupled with Seagate’s experience securely managing data from the drive to the systems level, provides users with a set of technology tools that make data encryption more affordable, secure and easier to manage."

Seagate's new drives are also compatible with a wide variety of enterprise-level storage appliances, including the ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance by Seagate. In fact, Seagate's ClusterStor SDA was engineering specifically for government IT applications by strictly controlling data access within a scale-out parallel file system. Not only does this provide exceptional security, but it even accommodates future growth and evolving data storage requirements.

Taking Cybersecurity to the Next Level

Now that industry-leading hardware and software developers are working together in the fight against cybercrime, we might some see real progress over the coming months and years. At the very least, however, we'll see an influx of next-gen encryption methods and advanced security algorithms that will keep would-be hackers and identity thieves guessing.

To find out more information on Seagate, including details on their latest hardware or solutions, head over to their official website at For more information on Forenetix, LLC, please visit their website at


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