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Seagate Announces Hybrid Backup And Cloud Data Protection

Seagate has long been one of the most popular manufacturers of consumer hard drives. As such, it should come as no surprise that their recent announcement centers on the launch of their brand new hybrid backup solution, which is meant specifically for small businesses and enterprises. While it takes a combination of two or more cloud environments for a platform to be considered a hybrid platform, Seagate’s newest offering actually combines Seagate Backup and Recovery Software, Seagate Data Management Services, Seagate Backup and Recovery Private Cloud and Seagate Cloud Backup and Recovery Services. Given the sheer amount of functionality that is integrated into their new hybrid cloud, it’s easy to see why their latest announcement is already turning heads throughout the industry.

Meant as a direct response to the ever-evolving IT climate of the 21st century, the new solution is meant to accommodate future growth within small businesses and enterprises. Moreover, with a 400% performance increase seen in some of the included software, including Seagate Backup and Recovery Software as well as Seagate Cloud Backup and Recovery Services, enterprises are able to process and manager larger amounts of data than ever before. The increased throughput of up to 6 TB of compressed data per hour ensures superior speed when processing data.

Apart from the latest speed and performance enhancements, there are numerous benefits to using Seagate’s new hybrid cloud platform. Centralized management of both cloud and local storage, on-site data recovery and automatic integration are all listed as primary benefits of the hybrid cloud.

Mike Palmer, senior vice president and general manager of cloud solutions with Seagate, spoke about the motivation behind the development of their new hybrid cloud interview in a recent interview by saying: “Today our customers and partners are faced with explosive data growth, compliance requirements, the cost and complexity of non-traditional applications like the Internet of Things, big data and the ongoing transition to software-as-a-service,. At the same time IT budgets are not increasing, security threats continue to put organizations at risk and data center operations are taking more time away from the core business. Today we are responding to each of these challenges - through new performance, scale, availability and management solutions, which drive out operational complexity and give our customers and partners time back to run their core business.”

Skip Womack, chief commercial officer with Pixius Communications and a longtime user of Seagate storage solutions, explained how Seagate has helped to simplify his duties. He was quoted as saying: “Seagate is a time saver, sleep saver, and money saver. As a past CIO for a couple of Fortune 500 companies, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on backup solutions that were so labor intensive, slow, and just did not meet my needs. Seagate, hands down, puts these concerns to rest.”

To find out more information about Seagate, including information on their new hybrid cloud service, please visit their official website at If you would prefer to speak with a live customer service representative, you can do so by calling 405-324-4700.


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