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Seagate Launches the SkyHawk HDD For AI-Driven Surveillance Systems

Seagate is one of the leading hard drive manufacturers around today. With such a strong presence in the niche of data storage, as well as the increasing prevalence of consumer-oriented AI, they've recently unveiled the SkyHawk AI – the first HDD made specifically for AI-driven video surveillance.

Video Surveillance and AI

Modern video surveillance is everywhere. What used to be limited to large companies and wealthy estates is now quite affordable – and manufacturers are making their video surveillance systems even more useful and efficient with the introduction of next-gen artificial intelligence.

According to some experts, AI could revolutionize video surveillance as we know it. Whereas past systems could easily identify a culprit after committing a crime or review the events of a previous day, they did little in the way of providing a real-time response. AI, on the other hand, turns these passive monitors in proactive surveillance systems.

Instead of relying on human workers to spot suspicious activities and act appropriately, AI-driven surveillance systems are programmed to detect things – including body language and physical actions – that might seem sketchy or out-of-place. They can automatically alert security guards in the area or, in some cases, trigger autonomous floodlights or other deterrents.

They're also good at facial recognition. Instead of relying on a human's ability to identify a past offender, next-gen surveillance systems use AI to scan datasets containing millions of facial images. Preliminary tests, conducted by the MegaFace project with the University of Washington, resulted in a system that was 75% accurate in matching two images of the same person. While it's not perfect, it shows how much potential there is for a system like this in the near future.

Sai Varanasi, vice president of product line management with Seagate, spoke about the increased use of AI and the need for up-to-date storage solutions. He said: "The use of AI technology in surveillance is steadily increasing - both in the edge and backend installations such as retail fronts and large city traffic management. Seagate has led the surveillance storage market since its early days, a decade ago, by delivering industry leading HDD products that have enabled more than 5X increase in exabytes during this time period. We are excited to introduce smart, purpose-built SkyHawk AI solutions that expand the design space for our customers and partners, allowing them to implement next-generation deep learning and video analytics applications."

With so much dynamic data out there to collect, and so much potential for the application of real-time AI in modern surveillance, Seagate certainly has their hands full. But if any company has the reputation to handle such an enormous undertaking, it's the professionals with Seagate.

Finding out More About the Seagate SkyHawk

The Seagate SkyHawk AI HDD is for those who are serious about video surveillance. Their 8TB and 10TB models aren't cheap, with MSRPs of $349.99 and $449.99, respectively, but all new purchases come with a 5-year limited warranty as well as a 2-year coverage plan from Seagate Rescue Services. To find out more information about Seagate, including details on the SkyHawk AI or any of their other products and services, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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