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The Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics Embraces SEP Software

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, the Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics has recently chosen to embrace SEP sesam, a proven disaster recovery and backup system, to safeguard their oversized and complex data workloads. Pioneered by SEP Software Corporation, SEP sesam has already been field-tested and proven in action.

SEP sesam, an award-winning solution, is highly scalable. Featuring multi-streaming technology and support for thousands of servers, SEP sesam is capable of achieving backup speeds of multiple terabytes per hour. Moreover, built-in DataStore and Virtual Tape Loader functionality increases the versatility and usefulness of SEP sesam even further.

According to SEP Software’s website, SEP sesam is a “comprehensive, single backup solution and will integrate seamlessly into any environment without any interruptions or data loss. It is an intelligently designed backup and disaster recovery solution that is set-and-forget technology.” Combine this with daily maintenance periods of under an hour and support for instant email notifications and it’s easy to see why the Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics has chosen SEP sesam to protect their data.

Furthermore, SEP sesam is capable of archiving data to any location, including onsite or off-site facilities and cloud platforms. As such, SEP sesam provides the backup flexibility that is needed in order to accommodate the backup needs of an institution such as the Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics in the 21st century.

The Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics is enjoying a number of direct benefits from the use of SEP sesam. One of the most obvious and foremost advantages is a reduction in electricity costs, but the organization is also seeing decreased storage demand and highly customizable backups.

Marc Muhlfeld, IT director with the Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Medicine, described their previous method of processing data. He was quoted as saying: “Data is housed on our network for four to six weeks. We keep it until diagnosis and results are completed. During this time, our data volume continues to increase. Something had to change with our old backup system. We needed to absorb this amount of data so that we could keep the backups at least 30 to 35 days before they are overwritten.”

The interview continued with Muhlfeld explaining their new setup. He was quoted as saying: “Our entire IT infrastructure is covered with SEP sesam. We have a wide range of databases and applications that have special demands on a backup solution. But the advantage with SEP sesam is its ability to back up any environment running on any platform. We took a look at the backup market and, quickly found out, that most vendors are far less scalable.”

For more information regarding SEP, SEP sesam or any of their other products and solutions, please visit their website at You’ll also be able to read the latest news on the company’s own blog, peruse actual case studies and view SEP’s full line of products, services and IT solutions.


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