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While the team with has operated under the umbrella of their parent company, NetMass, for more than a decade now, they've recently unveiled plans to become a separate and independent entity. In addition, the brains behind are also branching out into the niche of big data archival. The move, while certainly risky, is the next logical step for a company that is known for adapting to an industry that is constantly changing and adapting.

The company was originally founded in 1998 by Mark Martin and Stephen Perkins. Headquartered near Houston, Texas, their company was one of only five backup service providers within the United States at that time. As such, they were able to capitalize on the market's infancy and eke out an existence amongst the industry giants.

It wasn't until 2010 that was finally introduced. With the public's embrace of high speed Internet as well as the vastly increasing amounts of data being produced on a daily basis, the company enjoyed a boom in business. Once accessibility to backup software and services increased, however, prices plummeted. As a result, Mark and Stephen were forced to focus their efforts elsewhere. They officially started treading water in the area of server-based data backup at that time, and they haven't looked back since.

All of the client data stored by is hosted within a Tier 1 data facility that operates in complete compliance with the standards and policies regarding disaster recovery, security and archival. Data is maintained here in a highly structured and regulated environment, complete with network and physical security, checkpoints and temperature-controlled data storage rooms.

Mark Martin boasted about their strong disposition toward compliance, as he was quoted in a recent interview as saying: " adheres to best practices when managing customer data. We make sure to meet a disaster recovery checklist so our clients maintain data integrity and pass industry compliance." is not the only project hosted by Mark and Stephen. Launched in early 2015, their newest site,, provides data backup, archival and replication services. Offering long-term data archival, deep file storage and increased data integrity, the website fills yet another crucial role within the IT industry. Moreover, considering the success of their original venture,, it will be interesting to see how their newest undertaking will affect their growth, development and, perhaps most importantly, their bottom line.

The latest announcement marks another huge milestone for the team with What the future holds for Mark, Stephen and their staff members is anybody's guess. If the past is any indication, it seems they'll do just fine - regardless of how flexible and versatile they'll need to be.

For more information regarding, including a list of services, pricing options and online resources, please visit their website at Alternatively, interested parties can speak with a customer support representative in person at 1-888-835-2551. For details regarding the team's newest endeavor,, interested parties can visit their website at or call 1-800-751-2737 to speak with a live representative.


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