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Servosity Introduces VMware Cloud Backup

As a leading provider of on-premise, off-site and cloud-based disaster recovery for managed service providers (MSPs), the team with Servosity certainly has their work cut out for them. Their latest offering, Servosity VMware Backup, extends their reach even further by combining agentless, hypervisor-level data protection as well as granular recovery of files. Moreover, Servosity VMware Backup is compatible with the majority of VMware’s product line, including ESX, ESXi, VMware Server and vCenter. In fact, the software even works with the free version of ESXi.

Based entirely around a software package, Servosity’s VMware Backup requires no additional hardware or appliances whatsoever. Instead, users simply install the software and begin the backup process within a matter of minutes.

Damien Stevens, CEO and founder of Servosity, explained exactly why his company developed Servosity VMware Backup. He was quoted as saying: “Servosity is purpose-built for MSPs, and Servosity VMware Backup is no exception. We built Servosity VMware backup specifically for MSPs to centrally manage all of their clients, both on-premise and cloud, through our multi-tenant management portal. This allows MSPs to setup optional self-service access for their clients. Our single pane of glass and agentless VMware backup makes this the easiest way to setup, monitor, and manage VMware Backup for MSPs.”

Apart from the comprehensive backup capabilities of the software, Servosity’s VMware Backup includes a number of other features. This includes the ability to backup any VMware-based virtual machine, an unlimited retention policy with the ability to vary data retention between cloud and local sources, continuous data protection, support for the recovery of VMDK files and the ability to select which disks you want to backup.

John Hoyt, CEO of Homeland Secure IT, a user of Servosity solutions, spoke glowingly about the company. He was quoted as saying: We use Servosity because we can stand behind it. The product is awesome. Our clients love its operation. The client that runs on the servers and desktops really does not impair their running; it is not a resource hog.” He continued by saying: “One of the biggest reasons we use Servosity is because they’re reachable. We can call them on the phone. We can email them. They are always available for us, so whenever we need assistance, which is not often.”

Pricing and Availability

Servosity’s VMware Backup software is currently available at a cost of less than $5 per month. There are absolutely no per-host or per-socket fees, so customers won’t have to worry about getting hit with hidden costs down the line. Furthermore, the pricing model of Servosity’s VMware Backup software supports nearly unlimited system scaling.

More Information

To find out more information about the Servosity VMware Backup software or any of the company’s other products, please visit their official website at Apart from a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, interested parties can also view the company blog, read testimonials from actual customers and receive technical support. Alternately, those who would rather speak to a live representative can do so by dialing 1-800-429-0500.


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