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SoftNAS Cloud 3.3 Enhances Storage and Security Functionality

SoftNAS, LLC, a frontrunner of data storage throughout public, private and hybrid cloud environments, has held their position in the industry for quite some time now. In an effort to bolster the accessibility of cloud services and increase data protection, the development team with SoftNAS has recently released version 3.3 of their popular SoftNAS Cloud platform. The latest update, which is currently available, focuses on improving data transfer speeds while increasing backup and archival options across the board.

Dave McCann, vice president of the AWS Marketplace with Amazon Web Services, spoke enthusiastically about the recent release of SoftNAS, as well as its availablility in the AWS Marketplace. He was quoted as saying: “We're pleased that customers are able to buy the latest SoftNAS offering in AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace makes it easier for our AWS customers to quickly access new levels of innovation of the type delivered by SoftNAS 3.3. The global deployment capabilities of AWS Marketplace brings SoftNAS access to potential new customers worldwide.”

Rick Braddy, CEO with SoftNAS, echoed McCann’s sentiments while highlighting its ease-of-use and intuitiveness. He was quoted as saying: “SoftNAS enables migration and ensures deployment of business-critical data and file systems in the cloud are secure and highly-available – it’s as easy as point, click and go. SoftNAS further simplifies high-performance storage so customers can stay focused on developing and deploying applications that grow their business.”

Enhanced AWS Support

Because AWS already provides a method for streamlined and intuitive deployment, SoftNAS has taken steps to expand their regional support via AWS. As such, they’ve extended services to include AWS GovCloud within the U.S. as well as AWS E.U. in Germany. SoftNas Cloud 3.3 also takes advantage of Amazon’s S3 storage, which operates in the background as a means of ensuring the reliability and integrity of locally cached data.

Increased Data Transfer Speeds

The main point of the latest SoftNAS Cloud update is to enhance data transfer speeds to their cloud. This is achieved through a variety of ways, including instantaneously writeable SnapClones: a proprietary algorithm that is capable of creating read/write snapshots of crucial production data of manageable size. Such SnapClones can be implemented during development and testing initiatives to eliminate the need for increased datasets or additional storage space.

As mentioned above, Amazon’s S3 architecture also plays a role in increasing data transfer speeds to the cloud. Serving as a portal for off-site storage and archival, S3 works with SoftNAS to mimic the speeds seen in primary, localized systems.

Additional Features

A number of additional features are also seen in SoftNAS Cloud 3.3. This includes the ability to scheduled snapshots for the recovery of deleted files, version-specific restoration options for files that have been saved over and higher availability for private VPCs as well as automatic drive sparing, which is used in tandem with full RAID protection to help safeguard data.

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