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Softship AG's Advanced Agency Solution Streamlines Operations and Data Storage

Officials all around the maritime industry are celebrating on account of the recent introduction of the Softship AG Advanced Agency Solution. Built specifically with maritime port agents in mind, the software works to facilitate continuous communications, resource management, expense monitoring and labor allocation on behalf of the port agent. Never has an innovation hit the market that has had such enormous potential to transform the day-to-day responsibilities of the modern maritime port agent.

Thomas Wolff, executive director with Softship, explained the primary benefits of the Softship Advanced Port Agency Solution, or SAPAS. He was quoted as saying: "Port agents provide the critical link between the charterer or owner and the port. They arrange port services, crew changes, manage port expenses and much more besides. Most agents are small companies who run their businesses on phone calls, spreadsheets and notebooks. SAPAS allows the agent to structure and control all this information and to manage efficiently the wide range of activities required when a ship makes a port call. Importantly, SAPAS is available from any internet connected PC or tablet making it completely portable for agents who are often on the move."

Features and Functionality

Relying on a pay-as-you-go model, Wolff hopes that his company's newest product will prove both useful and cost effective. With key features that include a user-defined master database, automated tariff calculations, port call cost estimation and more, the functionality is certainly there.

Moreover, SAPAS was designed specifically for the maritime industry. Instead of simply adopting and revising previous code, the team at Softship AG actually worked hand-in-hand with active maritime port agents. The result is an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly application that can be setup and operated by nearly anyone.

Wolff continued his statement by saying: "We listened carefully to the needs of port agents when we were designing SAPAS and we are confident that this tool will go a long way to help them manage their daily activities and present a professional image to their customers. We have ensured it is easy-to-use and requires no training or software installation. There is no upfront cost and agents only pay for what they use, when they use it."

The company isn't alone in touting the usefulness of their product. Actual customers, including Steve Lingard, IT Manager with Sea-Cargo AS, had nothing but nice words to say about the team with Softship. He was quoted as saying: "I’ve been particularly impressed with Softship’s positive and open attitude to the ongoing development of their software. Enhancements are implemented and shared, sometimes without any additional cost. And the wealth of shipping knowledge in the Softship team makes working with them very easy."

About Softship AG

Originally founded in 1989, Softship AG has been pursuing highly complex and advanced IT visions ever since. Today, the company boasts 120 international clients throughout the various locations in Hamburg, Miami, London, Rotterdam, Antwerp and more. To find out more information about Softship AG, including details on any of their solutions, partners or clients, please visit their official website at


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