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Backing Up Across the Globe - South Africa

By now, most of us understand how important it is to back up our data on a regular basis. However, a recent report, which was authored by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, states that a total of 18% of South African computer users ended up losing their backup copies, as well. Not only does the underscore the importance of backing up data in the first place, but it also highlights how critical it is to take advantage of all of the different forms of data storage, archival and protection.

According to their report, 96% of all who were surveyed report storing confidential information on their computers or other devices. However, less than one-third of that group has even considered making a backup copy of their data. Moreover, 26% had no security measures in place whatsoever, and 5% are not planning on implementing any kind of security in the future.

Peter Aleshkin, manager with the consumer marketing group of Kaspersky Lab’s emerging markets, explained how individuals can ensure the safety and protection of their own data. He was quoted as saying: “By taking a systematic approach to backup, you can take good care of your data. Decide which information is the most valuable to you and create backup copies of it on a regular basis. The optimal way of keeping important information safe is in encrypted folders, stored both on physical media and in a cloud storage environment. This will safeguard your data even in the case of such highly unlikely events as a global Internet outage or the destruction of the building in which you keep your hard drive.”

The study went on to show that 80% of respondents do keep backup copies of their data on local forms of storage, including hard drives or flash-based memory sticks. The downside to this, however, is that 18% of respondents reported losing such copies due to device failure, loss or theft. Only 11% have utilized cloud-based services to store their backup copies.

Warren Olivier, Veeam Software’s regional manager in Southern Africa, suggested users take advantage of the growing number of cloud-based storage options. He was quoted as saying: “In the past two years the pace of cloud adoption has accelerated, as more businesses have embraced the promise of increased agility, combined with lower costs and less complexity. This is now extending even to cloud-based availability, disaster recovery and backup solutions — which in turn is making new demands on IT resellers and service providers.” Olivier went on to say: “We have already signed up 32 Veeam Cloud Connect partners in South Africa. They are now in a good position to help their clients towards the high levels of availability demanded by the always-on business.”

While adoption of cloud-based services within South Africa is finally starting to catch on, users in the region still have a long way to go before they catch up with other areas in terms of cloud usage. Given the recently released figures, as well as localized efforts from organizations like Veeam, it seems they are certainly headed in the right direction.


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