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Using Spanning Cloud Apps to Backup Data

Spanning Cloud Apps, Inc. is one of the industry's leaders in cloud-based backup and recovery services. Offering enterprise-level data management and protection for services such as Salesforce, Spanning is currently considered amongst the most trustworthy cloud-based backup service providers in the industry. In a move to cement their position in the sector even further, Spanning has recently unveiled the Spanning Backup application, which provides dedicated, in-app backups of Salesforce data directly to secure and reliable cloud-based servers.

Release Date

Although the Spanning Backup App has been in its beta stage since November 2013, the full app was not released to the public until Spring 2014. Such an open-ended timeline allowed for in-depth testing, long-term research and the ability to identify and resolve any bugs before its initial release.

Salesforce Backup Policy

According to Salesforce's own backup policy, daily data snapshots are recorded and stored on behalf of each individual user. However, this service did not offer a quick and easy method of restoring lost data, an issue that has cost many Salesforce users time and money. The Spanning Backup App eases this problem by offering automated backups on a daily basis, thereby ensuring the storage of recently modified data, reducing storage issues and, perhaps most importantly, reducing the costs of maintaining Salesforce data backups.

Moreover, when you consider the fact that Salesforce provides data management on behalf of more than 100,000 different organizations, all of which provide data concerning personal customer information, sales figures, marketing reports and financial analyses, the risk of losing data is something that isn't taken lightly.

Jeff Erramouspe, Spanning Cloud Apps' CEO, spoke highly about his company's service offerings in a recent interview. He was quoted as saying: " Salesforce administrators, who are often responsible for backup and recovery, tend to work solely in Salesforce and prefer to manage, monitor and use integrated applications that leverage the capabilities and security provided by Salesforce. We’ve received great feedback from our beta customers, who have praised our fully integrated user experience. Salesforce users expect transparency in knowing exactly what is and is not being backed up and we make it easy for them to monitor this both for compliance and peace of mind."

Jason Buffington, senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, spoke about data protection and migration and as it related to the state of the IT Industry today. He was quoted as saying: "When migrating business data and processes to a cloud application like Salesforce, organizations must consider the protection of their data and their ability to quickly recover data when necessary. Too often, software-as-a-service providers focus more on availability of the service, but not always the protection and retention of the data. Considering how many organizations rely on Salesforce – including ESG – it is exciting to see Spanning bring this offering to market.”


The Spanning Backup app for Salesforce is currently available to Salesforce users via ther Salesforce AppExchange. At an annual cost of $30 per user, the service features unlimited data storage. Moreover, interested parties can enjoy a 14-day free trial of the Spanning Backup app, which is available at


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