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Spectra Logic Bolsters Hybrid Cloud Efficiency

Spectra Logic, a popular provider of hybrid cloud computing services, has recently bolstered their capabilities by integrating their software with the universal file and object storage platform known as CyberDuck. The new integration gives users plenty of versatility by allowing them to choose between public and private cloud-based storage, localized backup storage and even primary storage devices. With all of this functionality available in one single platform, it's easy to see why this news is already turning heads around the industry.

Cyberduck, which is a highly popular, open source client meant for use with FTP and SFTP servers, Amazon S3 and more, has been available for both Windows and Mac for quite some time. Coded using a combination of Java and C#, the flagship Cyberduck software features an accessible, intuitive user interface.

Matt Starr, chief technology officer with Spectra Logic, explained how the new integration with Cyberduck is beneficial to the customers. He was quoted as saying: "End users turn to the cloud to capture a backup copy for disaster recovery, or to create genetic diversity in their backup environment where multiple copies of data are preserved on different mediums in separate locations. The Cyberduck integration gives customers the ability to move files quickly to a deep storage platform with a tool they are already familiar with, creating a flexible and powerful cloud strategy."

When used in tandem with the private cloud infrastructure established by Spectra Logic, Cyberduck facilities drag-and-drop file transfers between all available storage options. The ability to work with multiple storage devices and remote as well as local servers makes this software an incredibly versatile and innovative product to say the least. Moreover, it could serve as a goal for other companies who are trying to streamline their cloud architecture without losing control of their data.

Some organizations are already using beta versions of the BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway. Mike Warfe, assistant director of University Technology, Tech, Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure with Case Western Reserve University, has firsthand experience with the new software. His experience thus far, as quoted below, has been nothing but exceptional.

"Cyberduck provides a wonderful interface to remote files using standard and cloud API protocols," Warfe said. "The integration with the Spectra Logic BlackPearl has enabled our researchers at Case Western Reserve University to have an additional option for storing their data on-premise, instead of the public cloud. This provides value through leveraging our campus bandwidth, and the university’s cyber infrastructure."

As you can see, the recent integration between Spectra Logic and Cyberduck is a huge step forward in the niche of cloud computing and, specifically, cloud hybridization. While it may take some time for this type of versatility to catch on, cloud providers from all across the industry should certainly take note.

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