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Spectra Logic's Exascale Tape Storage System Takes Aim at Big Data

Although some may seem tape-based storage as an outdated and inefficient means of preserving data, it remains one of the most reliable forms of long-term data storage to date. Featuring scalability, consistent performance and a relatively low cost when compared to some of the other storage options out there today, and tape backup systems can actually be a realistic means of saving money and ensuring the integrity of your mission-critical data for years to come.
To this extent, the team with Spectra Logic has recently unveiled the TFinity ExaScale Edition tape storage system. Recognized as the most feature-rich tape system in existence, the TFinity ExaScale Edition was designed specifically to accommodate rapid enterprise growth, media storage and high-performance computing.
Matt Starr, chief technology officer with Spectra Logic, touted the relevancy of tape-based storage in a recent interview. He was quoted as saying: "Organizations that produce massive amounts of data continually face the greatest storage challenge of our time: managing growth without complexity or cost. Tape is still the simplest, most cost effective, energy efficient storage media available. While the C-Suite grapples with challenges around reliability, physical size and costs related to data, Spectra TFinity ExaScale Edition addresses all of these concerns. It is truly the ‘total package’ and the top of the line tape product from Spectra Logic."
Starr continued by saying: "With tape’s features and unbeatable cost, we believe that every business enterprise should consider tape as a major part of their long term storage and archive planning. The conception and design of this product was made possible by nearly 40 years of knowing our customers’ needs. We work with CTOs and CIOs seeking libraries that can handle their gigantic data sets and serve them nimbly, with plenty of features and seamless scalability."
TFinity ExaScale Edition tape storage system has a number of key features, including cold storage functionality, access to Spectra's BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway and customizable skins. As its name might suggest, the TFinity ExaScale Edition also features one exabyte of storage capacity within a single unit. Moreover, the small footprint of the tape library makes it the most space efficient design in the industry.
Complement all of these features with the highly flexible service offerings and plans that are already available through Spectra Logic, as well as the ability to choose the individual plans that are right for your company, and you have an incredibly versatile, highly efficient and reliable storage system that will preserve your data for many years to come.
About Spectra Logic

Having played an integral role in the niche of data storage since 1979, Spectra Logic surely knows a thing or two about the subject of data storage, archival and preservation. Headquartered out of Boulder, Colorado, the company has been able to survive within a highly competitive market by showing exceptional customer service, adapting to new technologies and sticking to their roots of tape-based data storage, backup and archival. For more information on Spectra Logic, please visit their official website at


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