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How Springbrook's Cloud 2.0 is Helping Local Governments

While Springbrook Software has been a player in the IT industry, in one capacity or another, since 1985, their decision to expand into the niche of cloud computing was a choice that was wrought with potential risk and reward. Headquartered in the west coast and out of Portland, Oregon, they are certainly no stranger to progressiveness and the edge of industry innovation. When the team with Springbrook first decided to tackle cloud computing, however, even they couldn't have known the impact it would have on localized governmental IT systems within the surrounding communities.

In fact, in order to accommodate the growing data needs of these local governments, the team with Springbrook had to establish a solid plan for moving forward, especially with their own infrastructure. As explained by their chief technology officer, Doug Evans, one of the biggest decisions was choosing between a pseudo cloud architecture or a dedicated, fully realized cloud environment. They chose the latter.

"We had a choice to make," said Doug Evans. "We could simply host multiple instances of our on-premise software and call it cloud, or we could build a true cloud solution from the ground-up. Cloud 2.0 gives local governments currently using outdated legacy solutions the option to upgrade to a multi-tenant, high performance, scalable application optimized for the elastic cloud."

Their new cloud architecture, dubbed Cloud 2.0, offers local government IT systems access to a myriad of new functionality. This includes instant scalability as needed, consistent software updates with minimal installation downtime, accessibility from any computer with an Internet connection and an integrated disaster recovery protocol. Moreover, users of Springbrook's new Cloud 2.0 will also be able to benefit from a single, standardized version of their software.

Evans continued explaining the benefits of Cloud 2.0, as he went on to say: "A true cloud solution has to offer all of these advantages. No one should get left behind on an old version, have to pay for computer resources when they aren't needed, or have to worry about security and unexpected expenses. Only Cloud 2.0 offers these advantages."

Springbrook's CTO wasn't the only one touting the new features offered by Cloud 2.0. In a recent interview, CEO Steve Rementeria was quoted as saying: "Cloud 2.0 offers an enormous amount of value to cities and districts. While all the other vendors are just hosting their legacy software, we created a completely new product that lets our clients take advantage of all the benefits a true cloud solution can offer. This really will change the way local governments do business."

In light of the recent announcement, it is clear that Springbrook is dedicated to bring the most comprehensive and accessible technology to their customers within local government. While nobody can say for certain what the future has in store for Springbrook and their customers, but if Cloud 2.0 is any indication, the future is certainly going to be bright.

To find out more information about Springbrook, including any of the IT services they have to offer, interested parties can visit their website at


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