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New Startup Springpath Offers Scalable and Reliable Storage Services

While the team with Springpath had previously been working outside of the public eye and with the moniker of Storvisor, they’ve recently made their presence known after securing some $34 million in investment capital. The funds came from a number of sources, including Redpoint Ventures, New Enterprise Associates and Sequoia Capital. As such, the team with Springpath hopes to deliver fully scalable and reliable data storage well into the 21st century.

At this point, the entirety of Springpath’s service portfolio is centered on its highly innovative software-defined storage platform, which is meant to work without any specific hardware restrictions. It works by separating data from a server’s application layer. The platform, which is completely software-based, is being offered on a subscription basis.

The company utilized what they refer to as HALO architecture when designing their new platform, which is short for Hardware Agnostic Log-structured Objects. The framework was not a proprietary design, however, and instead uses a number of different systems and protocols from other developers.Lending itself to quick deployment and streamlined data management, the software works on any standard server.

Co-founder and chief executive officer of Springpath, Mallik Mahalingam, spoke about the current state of the data storage market by saying: “Today's data centers are forced to choose inflexible and expensive silos of dedicated appliances, converged systems and arrays to meet their data storage needs. Modern data centers require a versatile and elastic data platform software that runs on a common hardware infrastructure based on standard servers and supports the data management needs of virtualized, containerized, big data and other emerging environments.”

Springpath also boasts a number of high-profile partnerships within the industry. Some of their top partners include Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Lenovo, all of which use Springpath on their own servers. Additional partners include VMware, OpenStack, Docker and Tech Data, who benefit from servers that come preloaded with Springpath software.

Terry Cunningham, chief executive officer of Springpath, described the role of his company in today’s IT industry. He was quoted as saying: “Springpath is an innovator of hyperconverged infrastructure software. Springpath hyperconvergence is restructuring the industry by reducing costs, simplifying deployment and management, as well as enabling consistent performance that scales linearly, making it an ideal solution for Virtualized Application, Test/Dev and VDI environments.”

About Springpath

Although the company was originally founded in 2012, the company has only recently emerged into the spotlight. With a team consisting of a number of ex-VMware employees, include Mallik Mahalingam himself; Springpath has pioneered their own hyperconverged infrastructure software meant to facilitate scalable and reliable data storage.

To find out more information about Springpath or their unique data platform, interested parties are invited to view their website at and start their free trial immediately. You’ll also be able to view updated partnership information, access online resources and read the latest press releases from the official website. Those who would rather speak with a live representative can do so by calling 669-777-3800.


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