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A Modular Approach to Future Data Centers

Backup power is one of the most important considerations when planning a traditional data center. Without it, a sudden power outage could spell doom for the data of your customers – and it might be the end of the business altogether. It's easy to see why so much emphasis is placed on securing backup power – but a new breakthrough promises to change all of that.

Introducing the SRP DataStation

Billed as "the future of data centers," the SRP DataStation is the first of its kind. The fact that it's mobile, fully scalable and quickly deployable would be enough to attract the interest of IT experts from all corners of the globe – but there's more.
The SRP DataStation eliminates the need for a backup power source by connecting directly to the grid via a nearby SRP substation. It's a novel approach that is both efficient and reliable.

Clint Poole, manager of SRP Telecom, spoke about the breakthrough by saying: "Data centers traditionally have been picking up power on the bottom end of the supply chain, which was designed for residential and industrial customers. It’s the difference between freeways and neighborhood roads. The freeways and bulk transmission system have far more capacity."

Apart from connecting directly to the local power grid, the SRP DataStation also features a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network that comprises 15 cities in the Valley and approximately 1,800 miles of coverage. Primary features include:

- 2N, dual-live power delivery for maximum efficiency

- N+1 high-efficiency cooling to mitigate excess heat generation

- Fully modular, scalable and containerized architecture that also features cloud connectivity

- High levels of network and physical security at all facilities mitigates risks from all angles

- Faster time-to-market delivery to maximize customer profitability

- Real-time data center infrastructure management control (DCIM) to provide a comprehensive view of the data center's performance

- Data center redundancy and high availability to ensure access to data whenever it's needed

It's a very customer-centric approach that is viable over the next few years. The SRP DataStation ultimately results in less infrastructure complexity while reducing costs and driving efficiency.

SRP Telecom's latest blog post goes on to state: ''"SRP is committed to delivering highly available power for the benefit of our customers and the communities we serve. SRP's DataStation deployment method — placing modular data centers close to SRP substations — will minimize any impact to communities by eliminating the need to build out new power lines to serve new or existing warehouse-style, co-location or enterprise data center facilities. This reduction in data center-driven transmission sprawl will ultimately save time and money for SRP's customers."''

About SRP Telecom

Not only is SRP Telecom pioneering the creation of the SRP DataStation, but they're putting their money with their mouth is with the Salt River Project in Arizona; a project led by CyrusOne to build a large-scale data oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert. For more information on the SRP DataStation, or for more information regarding Arizona's Salt River Project, please visit


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