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StorageCraft Unveils New Cloud Data Solution

With a history that dates back to late 2003, StorageCraft Technology Corporation has been catering to a global customer base for well over a decade now. Specializing in disaster recovery and long-term storage solutions of all kinds, the team at StorageCraft is certainly no stranger to the niche.

However, StorageCraft's presence within the cloud has been quite limited, especially when compared to that of Amazon's or Microsoft's platforms. Expected to be fully released by the end of the year, StorageCraft will effectively integrate their cloud-to-cloud backup service into their current StorageCraft Recovery Solution suite, which includes additional recovery functionality.

Officially unveiled at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, which was held in Toronto, Canada in July of 2016, the introduction of a cloud-to-cloud backup solution was well-received by most in attendance. However, bringing another product into their well-established StorageCraft Recovery Solution family is not without its own inherent risks.

Scott Barnes, chief technology officer with StorageCraft, spoke about his brand's reputation as well as their commitment to their customer base. He was quoted as saying: "For more than a dozen years, IT administrators have been trusting StorageCraft for their backup and recovery needs in traditional systems. Now, StorageCraft is taking that same speed and reliability to online hosted cloud-to-cloud environments so that our partners can better meet the evolving business continuity needs of their organizations and clients."

Barnes also did a little bit of self-promotion by saying, in part: "Customers are more and more migrating to cloud applications like Office 365. They are less and less looking at how to protect Microsoft Exchange, and more at Microsoft Office, Google, Box and other applications. And while those applications have their own good backup technology, they all have occasional issues, and none of them do versioning of their backups."

Despite their upcoming push of the new solution, the team with StorageCraft is not planning on marketing their cloud-to-cloud platform to all of their clientele and partners. While this could result in some amount of lost business potential and missed business opportunities, this actually allows them to bring a better overall experience to their customers who will be able to benefit.

Curt James, vice president of marketing and business development with StorageCraft, explained the reasoning behind this decision. He was quoted as saying: "Our OEM partners are not a key market for this technology," he said. "And some of our partners, like Datto, with its Backupify solution, have their own offerings which already compete with it."

As you can see, there is a great deal of optimism regarding StorageCraft's new cloud-to-cloud backup platform. While it's not expected to have a significant impact on the current market shares of cloud providers like Microsoft or Amazon, the software will help them maintain their competitiveness in a market that is just now beginning to heat up.

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