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StorageCraft Cloud Servers Quickly Gaining Popularity

StorageCraft Technology Corporation, originally founded in December 2003, has been working with small and medium-sized businesses in order to facilitate data backup, recovery and technology migration ever since. The recipient of numerous industry awards and professional recognition from such organizations as PC Magazine and Microsoft, StorageCraft has recently managed to eke out an existence through cloud computing technology and services.

Available Cloud Services

Pioneering a bevy of different cloud-based solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, StorageCraft is committed to data protection within the United States and abroad. To this extent, they've developed a tiered system of IT services, letting companies pick and choose which services they want.

Their introductory offering, known as Cloud Basic, offers full image backups meant at archiving, storing and protecting important business data on a long-term scale. Their second level of service, Cloud+, includes the full image backups offered through Cloud Basic coupled with immediate access to file and data recovery options.

StorageCraft's third service, known as Cloud Premium, includes everything described above as well as immediate virtualization within the cloud. This lets you oversee all of the data you have stored on StorageCraft's servers while providing real-time access to critical information.

All of the services listed above are available to StorageCraft customers in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Moreover, all of StorageCraft's servers use built-in encryption protocol in tandem with additional security, ultimately safeguarding your data from unauthorized access. An additional service, which is only available to U.S.-based customers, gives small and medium-sized business owners the option to mirror their data onto a complementary server for redundant data protection.

StorageCraft's vice president of marketing and business development, Curt James, explained his team's mission statement in a recent interview. He was quoted as saying: “Managed Service Providers, value added resellers and their customers are learning that StorageCraft Cloud Services is a best-in-class data and backup recovery tool just like StorageCraft ShadowProtect and StorageCraft ImageManager. It cannot be overstated that access to data is vital to the survival of businesses. That is why we give our partners and customers the extra layer of protection provided by offsite recovery options as well as quick and reliable access to their data with StorageCraft Cloud Services.”

StorageCraft Academy

Small and medium-sized business owners who want to refine their IT knowledge and maximize their productivity through StorageCraft's cloud services can also join the StorageCraft Academy program. Available for a monthly fee, the StorageCraft Academy provides instant access to training videos, user documentation and access to their own technical support line, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Growing Success

Although StorageCraft's cloud services were only introduced in late 2012, they have reported approximately a 200% growth within the past few months alone. More importantly, StorageCraft maintains a reported uptime of 99.99% through all of their cloud services, which lends even more credibility to cloud computing technology. As more small and medium-sized business owners begin to embrace the cloud and its technology, StorageCraft's popularity is expected to see even more growth.


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