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StorageCraft Expands Product Line with Recent Acquisition

Known for its long-time leadership in the niche of data backup and disaster recovery services, StorageCraft Technology has recently acquired Gillware Online Backup for an undisclosed sum. The move is expected to bolster StorageCraft's current line of data backup services and expand their presence even further.

Gillware Online Backup, on the other hand, is a comprehensive analytical suite that automatically separates meaningless data from that which needs to be backed up. It is important to note, however, that Gillware Data Recovery, a separate entity, was not included in the deal. As such, the majority of Gillware's employees will continue their work from their Wisconsin-based headquarters.

The companies are hoping that their recent announcement will help revolutionize the idea of data storage in the 21st century. Moreover, they're trying to put an end to the generic, band-aid methods of simply adding more storage space to a server that might not even be able to handle the load in a safe or efficient manner.

Matt Medeiros, CEO and chairman of StorageCraft, spoke about this phenomenon in a recent interview. He is quoted as saying: "For far too long, the storage industry has promoted a one-dimensional approach of simply adding more capacity. Organizations are finally realizing that this model is obsolete since a significant portion of their costs is wasted backing up and storing irrelevant data."

He continued by touting the joint venture by saying: "This combination will allow you to analyze systems and data, and provide intelligent protection, access and recovery; in short, we’re putting you on the winning side of that shift. Gillware’s sophisticated data-analysis technology, combined with StorageCraft’s expanding suite of intelligent data protection solutions, positions you as a leader."

The team certainly has big plans. By introducing a brand new approach to the old-age problem of enterprise storage needs, they're asking customers to go out on a limb and rely on the relatively young technology of data analysis. Given the reputation of both StorageCraft and Gillware, as well as their individual track records of customer satisfaction, the risk might very well be worth it.

Moreover, they're facing some tough competition in the sector of data backup. With an increasing amount of providers throwing their own hats into the ring, it can be difficult to maintain a presence amongst the industry giants. For a new partnership like StorageCraft and Gillware, however, it's all a part of the process.

Wes Gill, president and founder of Gillware Data Recovery, spoke enthusiastically about the acquisition. He was quoted as saying: "Gillware and StorageCraft have been strong partners for years. Through this partnership, we have successfully provided a combined suite of data analytics and access products, ensuring immediate recovery. Our team of data experts is excited to join the StorageCraft family and expand StorageCraft’s platform of products."

If you are interested in finding out more information about StorageCraft, including details on any of their products, services or partnerships, please visit their official website at Conversely, those of you who are interested in learning more about Gillware are welcome to visit their website at


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