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Introducing Data Dynamics’ StorageX 8.0 For Enterprise Systems

The Data Dynamics StorageX Platform is a software-based solution that automates critical processes in data archival, replication, migration and permission management within servers running Windows or Linux. As one of the most popular tools in the niche of software-defined storage today, it should come as no surprise that the team with Data Dynamics maintains this platform through regular updates – including the recent release of StorageX 8.0 for enterprise systems.

Empowering Enterprise Owners

According to their official website, Data Dynamics’ StorageX 8.0 platform is a “new file management solution” that “empowers enterprises to analyze, move, manage and modernize their data assets for business transformation.”

That’s quite the mouthful, especially if you’re not as tech-savvy as those in the field. So let’s break that down and examine the key functionality introduced in the 8.0 revision.

Integrated data analytics: The StorageX 8.0 platform features compatibility with custom tags and metadata support for quick indexing and retrieval. A brand new data analysis portal adds even more functionality.

Greater data modernization: The StorageX 8.0 update is the first iteration to feature S3-compliant object storage. This is highly beneficial in terms of long-term data retention and archival, scalability, accessibility and security.

The new features come in addition to all of the functionality seen in previous iterations of the software, ultimately giving users even greater control over data storage in the coming weeks, months and years.

Attracting New Partnerships Across the Industry and the Globe

Despite the fact that Data Dynamics is based out of the United States, their StorageX platform is drawing attention from across the industry and around the globe. Sweden-based Compuverde, one of the most recent users of StorageX, now relies on Data Dynamics and, specifically, the new object storage functionality of version 8.0 to manage their data and accelerate the adoption of upcoming technologies.

Cuong Le, senior vice president of field operations with Data Dynamics, explained how his company addresses the problem of data management for all of their customers and Compuverde specifically by saying: ''“To accelerate adoption of Compuverde's software-defined storage, StorageX removes barriers that exist across heterogeneous storage types. StorageX provides insight into who is accessing the data and the ability to manage and migrate data rapidly to Compuverde's solution. It's a comprehensive management solution that is also scalable and flexible.”

But Compuverde didn’t decide on StorageX by chance. Their IT team recognized the need for updated infrastructure and modernization in the digital age. Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder of Compuverde was quoted as saying:
“Traditional storage solutions lock enterprises into hard-wired proprietary systems that can't adapt quickly enough to manage today's data deluge. This partnership with Data Dynamics enables a modernized approach to data storage that gives organizations greater control of their data management and expedites them along their digital transformation journey.”''

Try It For Yourself!

To find out more information about Data Dynamics, including details on their StorageX platform or any of their other solutions, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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