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StoredTech Announces Unlimited Data Vaulting

Based out of Glens Falls, New York, Stored Technology Solutions, Inc., also known as StoredTech, has recently made headlines by becoming the first managed service provider in the area to offer an unlimited data backup plan to its entire customer base. Even more exciting is the fact that pricing models run less than $100. In fact, current pricing options stand at $49 per workstation per month or $99 per server per month.

StoredTech's new pricing models are far removed of the industry standard, which still relies on per-gigabyte pricing structures. One of the primary reasons StoredTech decided to move away from the old model was due to a new trend of selective data backup, where organizations decide what data to backup and what to ignore. While this model ultimately reduces operational costs, it can and has resulted in the loss of crucial customer information that was mislabeled as unimportant or otherwise ignored.

President and CEO of StoredTech, Mark Shaw, spoke in detail regarding their new pricing model and the availability of unlimited cloud archival space. He was quoted as saying: "Businesses will often let this standard pricing model of per gig affect what they choose to backup. This is particularly true with the SMB market where businesses need to be more frugal. We want our customers to be able to backup all of their data in order to provide their businesses with true disaster recovery and peace-of-mind.” He continued by saying: "Businesses of every size need to start thinking of data protection more like homeowners insurance, you may hate paying the monthly bill, but if your home were to suffer a fire, you’d be thankful that the insurance is there to help you. Backup is the most important, efficient and cost effective way to protect yourself from a data loss that could put your entire business in jeopardy – it’s not just for the ‘big companies’ to worry about anymore."

The new pricing options unveiled by StoredTech apply to both current and future patrons, so their entire customer base can benefit from unlimited cloud storage and the newly announced pricing structure. In some instances, the new plan can save customers hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis.

Adam Gray, president of, has worked with StoredTech since 2008. He spoke enthusiastically about the recent announcement in a recent interview, where he was quoted as saying: "Our data is extremely important to us and I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if it were not 100% protected. We were shocked and delighted when StoredTech contacted us recently to let us know about their new unlimited data backup plans. The unlimited vaulting will save us approximately $400-$600 a month from our previous plan, for a total annual reduction of somewhere around 75%."

While the recent move is expected to garner increased attention for StoredTech, the company has been bolstering their industry presence in other ways as well. Not only did the company open up a number of new offices throughout the United States, but they've nearly doubled their roster of full-time staff members since 2013.


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