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Introducing StrikeIron's IronCloud

Cloud-based API management is a complex subject. Not only does one have to oversee the use of multiple application programming interfaces (APIs), but also how each API reacts to a cloud environment. Some of the industry's leading developers have been trying to find an efficient, user-friendly solution since the introducing of cloud computing, and it appears that StrikeIron's new IronCloud service may be the most effective one yet.

Who is StrikeIron?

StrikeIron, an IT company that specialized in cloud computing and data services, is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. In operation since 2003, StrikeIron has partnered with some of the most prolific names in IT throughout the years, including Microsoft, Oracle,, SAP and more.
But their achievements do not stop there. StrikeIron received credit as the very first IT company to utilize a data-as-a-service platform, which complemented and expanded on popular software-as-a-service offerings.

What is the IronCloud?

To put it in the most simplest of terms, StrikeIron's IronCloud provides a cloud-based API management service to its users. Up until recently, the user base of IronCloud was limited only to beta testers and exclusive partners. This changed in late 2013, when StrikeIron announced the release of IronCloud to the general public.

"Our own managed API product offerings are provided through IronCloud," said the president and CEO of StrikeIron, Sean O'Leary, as he spoke at the Gartner Summit during the initial announcement. "StrikeIron is the only API management company that has dedicated the last decade to monetizing data and digital assets via APIs. This new public release of the IronCloud platform enables businesses to share their digital assets with their customers quickly, securely, and reliably."

IronCloud Benefits

There are numerous benefits to using StrikeIron's IronCloud for the management of cloud-based APIs. For starters, the implementation of external hosting reduces the amount of time it takes to bring your software to the market. Since StrikeIron is responsible for general operations management, you'll be able to free up resources for use in other areas.

IronCloud also provides a myriad of flexible hosting options. Their API management services can be integrated in a myriad of system architectures, including StrikeIron's own data infrastructure, personal business data centers or even within the public domain. This ensures accessibility to your data regardless of where you want to store it.

Security is another major feature of StrikeIron's IronCloud service. Designed specifically with the latest security measures in mind, IronCloud uses various security hardware, software and protocols in order to provide the utmost in data protection, confidentiality and security. Moreover, all of IronCloud's data architecture is located within data centers that have been accredited to SSAE No. 16 Type 2 standards. As one final step of security, these data centers are audited by an independent source on a regular basis.

The final benefit of StrikeIron's IronCloud is the amount of technical support available. Apart from StrikeIron's dedicated team of software and support engineers, there is also an independent community of developers that actively participate in discussions, troubleshooting and ongoing development initiatives.


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