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An Overview of SuperBackup Pro for Android

Super Backup is rated as the fastest data backup tool on android, but does it sacrifice anything for this speed and what does it have to offer? To answer these questions, this article will provide an overview of the utility available on Google Play looking at the features and performance.

The main goal of the program is to provide users of Android systems with a backup of their Apps, Contacts, Messages, Call Logs and other personal data. The program can either be downloaded and used for free with advertisements, or can be bought for just a few dollars. A main selling point is that the app functions without the need of “root” access or essentially, a hacked device. The user interface is relatively simple, with a list of what the user would like to backup. There is no drop down menu or feature selection - you literally just choose one of the six options. Regular backups and auto backups can however be initiated from the settings menu. The program allows the user to set a backup path from the settings menu too, which is a must for users wishing to store their information in a memorable and managed location. It is a feature that cannot be ignored, owing to the fact that the app automatically saves backups on the phone’s internal memory – not entirely useful if that is where all the original copies are stored (therefore an SD card is definitely recommended for users who want more than just a spare copy incase of accidental deletion). For those who wish to perform a factory reset on their device, the SD card is a must.

Across the board, Super Backup has a great deal of positive feedback, averaging a user score of 4.6 out of 5. Many of the lower scores can either be attributed to user error (storing files on the phone memory) or earlier bugs that have since been fixed in the frequent patches by the developer. Many users praise the simplicity of the app, noting that the restore feature is easy to use and has worked without a hitch.

The file size is also convenient for users trying to manage a device with low amounts of storage the humble 584k is than the average size of a single modern smartphone photograph. The products competitive pricing also puts it well above many of its other competitors such as My Backup Pro and Titanium Backup Pro, costing double the price. A final nifty feature is “Auto Upload Scheduled Backups To Your Gmail”, allowing users to keep track of their backups and remain notified about their device’s state even while they are not using it.

For low end personal use, Super Backup fits the bill perfectly. With its affordable pricing and simplistic layout it really isn’t a challenge to operate. For those looking for more comprehensive and advanced apps, this probably isn’t the one for you. It is incredibly barebones and does what it says on the tin - with a home screen featuring a list of buttons and lightly cluttered settings menu, there really isn’t much customisability. For those that just want to keep their data safe and easily restore it after loss, then this is the program for you. However, it is up to the user to provide their own cloud support, so be wary if not in possession of an SD card for your device!


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