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Carson City Now Home to the Largest Data Center in the World

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Switch has been a popular provider of data center services for nearly 20 years. Although they have forged quite the reputation on the West Coast, they've recently bolstered their image with the launch of the largest and most advanced data center in the world. Moreover, they've announced plans for expansion that reach far beyond their current footprint in the United States.

'''The World's Largest Data Center'''

Spanning 2,000 acres and providing over 7 million square feet of space, the new data center, named The Citadel Campus, depends on 100% renewable energy to meet its 650 megawatts of power consumption. It is located in Carson City and surrounded by a 20-foot concrete wall, which is meant to facilitate increased privacy, security and sustainability.

The new data center comes in addition to an earlier site, known as TAHOE RENO 1, which marked Switch's first endeavor at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center in Carson City. While their first facility was impressive in its own right, boasting over 1 million square feet of usable data center space and consuming a total of 130 megawatts of power, it simply wasn't enough to accommodate Switch's growing customer base.

For greater efficiency, both data centers on the campus are connected to Switch's SUPERLOOP infrastructure. A 500-mile fiber optic network that stretches from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the SUPERLOOP provides always-on access and support.

Heading East

Switch has also announced plans to expand their reach outside of their hometown. They considered several locations for a new, remote facility, but ultimately decided on a site in Gaines Township within the state of Michigan. Switch has already begun the process of transitioning their new building, which is the former home of the furniture manufacturer, Steelcase.

This site is part of 2 million-square-foot campus. Switch's building will provide nearly 390,000 square feet of usable data center space. In addition, builders working on the project will secure the property with a 12-foot concrete wall that is similar - albeit slightly smaller - than the perimeter fence of their other data centers.

While the size and scale of this project is seldom seen in this area of Michigan, local residents and officials are excited for the potential. Switch has already employed hundreds of workers from the surrounding areas, although most of these are temporary. Once completed, Switch hopes to fill at least 1,000 permanent, full-time positions in the facility.

A Global Presence

Switch's presence isn't limited to the United States. With additional facilities in Italy and Thailand, the company has become a global force in a relatively short amount of time in the industry. Their latest moves will certainly give them a push, but we're bound to see even more efforts within the coming years.

Investing in the Future of IT

As you can see, Switch is actively investing into the future of data storage and general IT. With leaders like this paving the way, we're likely to see even greater accessibility, faster connectivity and increased security when it comes to big data. For more information on Switch, please visit their official website at


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