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Overview of Symantec NetBackup

Symantec NetBackup, now known as Veritas NetBackup, is a collection of backup and recovery tools meant for enterprise users. While there have been a numerous updates to the software and a myriad of official full releases, the purpose and functionality of NetBackup has, for the most part, has remained the same. Even the recent name change isn't expected to have a significant impact on the popular software.

Primary Features

There are a number of primary features associated with NetBackup. For starters, the heterogeneous backup and recovery functionality supports a wide variety of platforms, topologies and software or hardware snapshots. Bare-metal restoration is also supported, as is OpenStorage (OST) and IPv6.

An online data sheet, available from Symantec's website, goes into further detail about the heterogeneous backup and recovery seen in NetBackup. The technical whitepaper is quoted as stating: "One of the hallmarks of enterprise IT is its heterogeneity. The wide variety of platforms, applications, and infrastructure often grows with the size of the enterprise. NetBackup supports a vast array of environments and integrates with every layer of the infrastructure stack to help assure reliable, consistent backups every time."

One of the most notable features of NetBackup, however, is the NetBackup Accelerator. As its name implies, this feature serves to reduce backup speeds by eliminating the need to read a complete file system during the backup process.

Client and server-side deduplication is available, and the auto image replication feature, or AIR, allows for image replication between domains. The NetBackup Replication Director organizes and manages snapshots and recovery points, while the NetBackup Search and Operational Restore is used when IT officials want an added amount of flexibility.

Finally, NetBackup features plenty of management and reporting tools. The integrated Java console facilitates administration and activity monitoring, while add-in support is available for the Microsoft SCVMM Console. Web-based reporting is made possible through the NetBackup Operations Manager.

VMware Compatibility

Much of NetBackup's functionality revolves around VMware. Instant virtual machine recovery within VMware environments is an incredibly useful feature, as is the vCloud Director. Other features that have been integrated into VMware include the Replication Director and the Accelerator.

A Storied History

The story of Symantec and their relationships with Veritas and NetBackup go back to 2005, when NetBackup was officially integrated in Symantec's product line following the purchase of Veritas. Approximately 10 years later, in 2015, Symantec split their Information Management Business, the division that was responsible for NetBackup, into a brand new company called Veritas Technologies Corporation.

Furthermore, the history of the NetBackup software suite can be traced all the way back to 1987, when the Control Data Corporation was recruited to develop a backup application for use by the Chrysler Corporation. NetBackup was purchased by OpenVision in 1993, before OpenVision itself was purchased by Veritas.

To find out more information about Symantec, please visit their official website at Alternatively, those who are interested in finding out more information about Veritas Technologies Corporation can do so by visiting their official site at


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