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Private or Public: Which One is Right For Synology Customers?

The process of navigating the current market of cloud service providers is confusing for both consumers and enterprises alike. With the sheer number of options available and the different features that may or may not be included with your provider, it’s important to understand exactly what kind of services you’re receiving before signing a contract.

Synology originally made their start by designing NAS devices and appliances. Founded in early 2000, they made their way into the cloud computing race in 2012 – and they’ve been gaining momentum ever since.

James Chen, CEO with Synology Taiwan,, was recently quoted as saying: “Synology is evolving to satisfy the needs of professionals and businesses by delivering tools that go beyond just storage. Today’s announcement highlights how Synology NAS can act as your office’s all-in-one server and become a central piece of your IT strategy.”

Private Cloud Options

It all began with their private cloud service. Officially launched in March 2012 in tandem with their Cloud Station server, Synology’s original service was limited to simple synchronization of files between client workstations. They have now blossomed into a full-scale cloud service provider.

Synology offers an entire range of NAS hardware for anyone who wants to get up and running with their own private cloud architecture. Current offerings include the popular DiskStation Manager, the J Series, the Value Series, the Plus Series, the FX series and the XS Series.

Alex Wang, CEO with Synology America, was quoted as saying: “Synology strives to develop powerful solutions for everyday tech problems, like getting the most out of your wi-fi router, sharing files with friends or coworkers, or just making sure your photos and videos are backed up and well protected.”

Public Cloud Options

The team with Synology might specialize in private cloud options, but they offer service within the public cloud, too. Synology Cloud2, also known as C2, provides comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery support for consumers and enterprise clients.

C2 users will enjoy numerous options, including:

- The ability to download files at any time and to any destination

- File-level restoration capabilities

- Access to historical software versions at no extra cost

- Personalized, one-on-one service consultation and technical support available online or via telephone

Many of the features cost extra when using other public cloud options, but Synology includes all of this functionality – and much more – at no additional charge.

The Power to Choose

Perhaps more than anything else, Synology gives their customers the power to choose the exact level of service needed. Whether that comes in the form of an ultra-secure, private server or a highly accessible public server is up to you – the team at Synology is simply there to pave the way for your road into the 21st century and beyond. To find out more information about Synology, including details any of the products or services they provide, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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