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Synology Unveils New Server Solutions

Based out of California, Synology specializes in IP and cloud-based surveillance in the 21st century. Moreover, the team at Synology has been working to consolidate functionality related to long-term data storage, backup and archival, business continuity planning and file sharing. In that regard, their newest server solution – the RC18015xs+ and the RXD1215sas – absolutely deliver.

The RC18015xs+ and RXD1215sas do not operate independently, however. In order to utilize Synology’s new server solution, an enterprise must have two RC18015xs+ devices and a minimum of one RXD1215sas device. With price tags nearing $4,000 for each individual unit, Synology’s newest offering doesn’t come cheap.

However, the steep price tag definitely comes with its advantages. When operating in tandem, the RCD18015xs+ and the RXD1215sas serve as a centralized, high-availability storage cluster. Furthermore, the active / passive design of the RC18015xs+ bolsters server reliability by immediately transitioning applications and services to the secondary server in the event of an unexpected outage with the primary device.

Another huge advantage of Synology’s new server solution comes in the way of scalability. Capable of supporting up to 180 individual drives by connecting 15 RXD1215sas devices, and boasting a raw storage capacity greater than 1 petabyte, the system provides plenty of storage space.

Moreover, the RC18015xs+ even includes snapshot functionality, thereby giving customers the option of recording point-in-time archives of data. The system can be fully automated and scheduled to record data snapshots as frequently as every five minutes. Such functionality also helps to boost the overall reliability of the system.

Synology’s new solution also excels at server performance. With a throughput greater than 2,270 MB/s, and ECC RAM that is upgradeable to 32 GB, the system is able to achieve speeds that are far superior to many comparable solutions.

Finally, both the RC18015xs+ and the RXD1215sas feature a redundant hardware setup regarding their SAS modules, connection cables and system power supplies. With such redundancy in place, Synology’s new server solution eliminates any single failure points.
As far as the software goes, the RC18015xs+ and the RXD1215sas are powered by Synology’s own DiskStation Manager. A web-based program that has served as the backbone of many previous NAS products developed by Synology, the software has already proven itself as a highly intuitive and effective means of overseeing a server solution of this nature.

Michael Wang, product manager with Synology, spoke about the need for businesses to maintain server uptime. He was quoted as saying: “For today's businesses, maintaining server uptime is the key to ensuring maximum productivity and minimized costs. The high-availability cluster design of RC18015xs+ and RXD1215sas is the ideal storage solution for enterprises that want nonstop business continuity, scalability, and comprehensive data protection tools.”

Both the RC18015xs+ and the RXD1215sas are available now at their respective prices of $3,999.99 and 3,499.99. Because two RC18015xs+ devices and at least one RXD1215sas are required by the solution, customers are looking at a minimum investment of nearly $12,000. For more information on Synology, their latest server solution or any of their other products, please visit


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