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Introducing SysTools SQL Log Analyzer 5.0

The SQL Log Analyzer by SysTools is a popular utility that reads and analyzes server logs within the SQL environment. Commonly found with the LDF file extension, SysTools' handy utility provides quick analysis and recovery of files across many different versions of SQL Server: including 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 and, thanks to the most recent update – version 5.0 – SQL Server 2017, too.

Introducing SQL Log Analyzer 5.0

Apart from adding support for the most recent version of SQL Server, SQL Log Analyzer 5.0 introduces numerous speed and performance improvements to the popular software. The newly updated software also provides support for corrupted MDF files – which contain the primary structure of the specific SQL database itself.

In fact, MDF files are often targeted in ransomware attacks – a disturbing new trend where hackers take control of an entire server or system and demand a ransom from the victim. Sometimes the files are never released or restored – despite paying the stated fee.

The newest version of SysTools' SQL Log Analyzer also includes support for both online and offline SQL databases, thereby extending its usefulness to nearly any type of SQL database imaginable. SQL Log Analyzer 5.0 also provides support for those who want to export their data; either as a SQL script, CSV file, or for traditional backup and archival.

Additionally, SQL Log Analyzer 5.0 lets users preview all LDF activity, including transaction times, names, table names, and specific queries. It's a straightforward and user-friendly process that is meant for novice admins but strong enough for the most tech-savvy professionals.

Anuraag Singh, director of product development with SysTools, recently released a statement that read: "SysTools always believe in providing the reliable and effective solution to the customers. With SysTools SQL Log Analyzer v5.0 tool, a user can easily read and analyze all the SQL Server log file transactions like INSERT, UPDATE etc. Now, the performance and speed of the utility have been enhanced by the addition of new features such as support for SQL Server 2017. There are many users who face challenges while working with SQL log file transactions. Therefore, we introduced this smart utility that will help the users to manage, read and analyse SQL server log file transactions in a simplified manner. We always focus on resolving users issues with our trustworthy solutions."

Making Their Products More Accessible Than Ever Before
SysTools is also taking steps to make their products, including SQL Log Analyzer 5.0, more accessible to users around the globe. They've recently partnered with Flipkart – the leading online marketplace across India – to sell their products throughout the country. As India is currently a hotbed of startup business activity, it's a highly strategic move that's bound to benefit both SysTools and Flipkart alike.

How to Find Out More About SysTools

SysTools, based out of Salt Lake City, specializes in data recovery software, digital forensics and cloud-based backup services. To find out more information on SysTools, including details on SQL Log Analyzer 5.0 or any of their other products, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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