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Backup Your Yahoo Email to a Local Source

Although Yahoo has long been viewed as one of the pioneers of the Internet Age as we know it, their reputation has taken a number of hits as of late. After officials revealed that a hack in 2014 put approximately 500 million accounts at risk, the team then admitted to a completely separate attack - a year earlier - that compromised the account credentials of more than 1 billion users. In their most recent announcement, Yahoo has announced that they'll be changing their name to Alibaba pending the closure of Verizon's purchase.

With all of the controversy surrounding Yahoo as of late, it's safe to assume that their users are desperate to get a little peace of mind; and that's exactly where SysTool's Yahoo Backup utility comes in.

SysTools Yahoo Backup

The team with SysTools, who has maintained a presence in the data recovery niche since 2007, used to offer Yahoo Backup functionality as part of their comprehensive line of data recovery tools. While support for Yahoo had been all but abandoned, developers have now decided to reinstate their support for the online giant.

Susan Kaet, director with SysTool's web team, was quoted as saying: "Downloading Yahoo data is important to maintain the standby of complete mail data as it ensures the recovery of data when the original mail data is deleted or lost. Yahoo Backup software is an effective utility with useful in built features to ensure the complete data downloading and storage of Yahoo mail data to external hard drive, pen drive, flash drive accordingly."

A Useful Tool Indeed

SysTools' Yahoo Backup is a useful and comprehensive utility that is delivered in a rather unassuming and lightweight package. The suite can download emails from every folder within your Yahoo mail account, including the inbox, outbox, sent mail, drafts and any custom folders you've created. Moreover, you'll have the option of archiving these files to your local hard drive, an external hard drive or a USB flash drive.

Eddie Bowie, a current user of Yahoo Backup, touted the software while providing his own product testimonial. He was quoted as saying: "Since the day this news came that Yahoo is sold to Verizon, I have been searching for an application that helps to export folders from Yahoo mail to Windows Live Mail and I came across SysTools Yahoo Backup tool. The team has done a great job as this software is the best when it comes to downloading Yahoo email to WLM."

Deciding Between the Two Different Versions

Interested parties will take note that there are currently two different versions of SysTools Yahoo Backup. The free version features all of the functionality as the paid version with one exception: the free software only allows the user to export 100 emails.

On the other hand, those who are willing to pay the $49 price tag on the full version of SysTools Yahoo Backup will enjoy the ability to export and archive an unlimited amount. Since 100 emails really isn't that many, and because many of us have been using Yahoo's webmail services for years, most users will probably need to turn to the paid version at some point.


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