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Overview of the Buffalo Technology TeraStation NAS

21st century technology has made it easier than ever before to launch a business. There are even some business models that operate solely within the virtual space created by the Internet. As such, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of hardware options on the market today.

One device, the standard NAS – or network-attached storage – gets a lot of attention from manufacturers. It's a critical component of nearly any business today, regardless of size. While most of the larger companies already have their long-term data storage hardware in place, manufacturers are actively competing for the attention of smaller and startup businesses – which results in products like the Buffalo Technology TeraStation 510 NAS series.

The TeraStation line comprises a total of five devices: the TS5210DN, TS5410DN, TS5410RN, TS5810DN and the TS51210RH. While most small-business owners will benefit more from one of the first four models, the fifth and final model is meant specifically for small- and medium-sized enterprise use.

While most models feature a capacity ranging from 4TB to 64TB, the TS51210RH accommodates 16TB to 96TB – or nearly twice as much. It also features more hard drive bays, with a total of 12 as opposed to the two, four or eight seen in other models. The TS51210RH also includes dual 10GbE ports – compared to the one featured on the other models, and it's equipped with 8GB of DDR3 ram instead of the traditional 4GB.

The entire TeraStation line also features some handy built-in firmware. Features include:

- Automated Data Backup: There's no need to maintain a manual backup schedule. All models within the TeraStation family are equipped with automated backup functionality.

- Remote Monitoring: All of the TeraStation NAS devices support remote monitoring for maximum compatibility with today's mobile workforce.

- Integrated user limits and file permissions: Not only do the devices in the TeraStation line support up to 10,000 individual users, but they give IT administrators the ability to set and control individual file permissions to control access. Existing permission structures can easily be copied and pasted into place.

- Advanced data recovery: The firmware used in the TeraStation line of NAS devices safeguards your data from corruption and loss by using a duplex firmware architecture. This also cuts down on the amount of time required to recover lost data in the event of a system outage or incident.

- Third-party cloud support: Those who transition to the TeraStation NAS can still use the services of Amazon, Dropbox and many others. In fact, using an offsite backup service is recommended to ensure maximum data redundancy.

According to the manufacturer: ''"TeraStation NAS (network-attached storage) are designed to meet exacting standards and demands of today's businesses while boasting ease-of-use set-up and functionality. TeraStations Offer cost-effective network storage solutions for businesses that value performance reliability."''

To find out more information on Buffalo Technology, including details on the TeraStation line of NAS devices or any of their other products, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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