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Tigo Backup Provides Mobile Backup and Anti-Theft Services

Based out of Tanzania, Tigo is a regional provider of Internet services as well as mobile voice, data and SMS messaging. As the country was recently connected to the national fiber optic infrastructure within the area, Tanzania saw a massive uptick of mobile phone usage. In fact, some studies saw the number of mobile phones increase from 2.9 million to 33 million within the past 10 years. This represents an approximate 66% increase in cell phone usage since 2005.

However, the sudden embrace of mobile technology within Tanzania generated a large amount of data in a short amount of time. This created a large demand for data backup and protection services in the region, and it was only a matter of time before somebody stepped up to the plate. That company is Tigo, who has partnered with the experts at the Dar Teknohama Business Incubator to fill the need for secure and comprehensive data protection within the country.

Dr. Binilith Mahenge, Minister of State for Environment in Tanzania, spoke about Tigo’s recent move to bolster the information and communications technology industry in his home country. He was quoted as saying: “Our goal is to develop critical mass of ICT human resources, including innovative programmers at all levels to bridge the digital divide gap - rural versus urban and penetration versus relevant application.”

Diego Guiterrez, general manager of Tigo, spoke specifically about the functionality of the Tigo Backup service. He was quoted as saying: “The Tigo Backup service as a unique product enables the owner of a stolen phone to get the phone of the thief, ring an alarm, locate the location of the device, remotely lock the lost phone to prevent misuse, alert the action of changing SIM card and remotely wipe the data.”

Essentially, Tigo’s backup service can also serve as an incredibly useful anti-theft device, as well. Once the data from a lost, stolen or damaged phone has been wiped, the rightful owner of the device can recover their information, including SMS messages, contact information, photos, videos and documents, to another device of their choosing.

Apart from mobile connectivity solutions, Tigo also provides networking devices, including modems and smartphones, as well as other products and services in select markets. They are also a popular provider of business-related services in the area, including postpaid services.

About Tigo

Originally established in 1993 under a joint venture between Millicom International Cellular, Ultimate Communications Limited and Tanzania Posts and Telecommunications Corporation, Tigo has upheld a reputation as the leading telecommunications provider in the country for quite some time. When the Tanzania Posts and Telecommunications Corporation was dissolved in 1994, their share in the company was transferred to Tanzania Telecommunications Company. However, privatization of this company, which occurred in 2001, prompted the Tanzanian government to take control of the shares in question.

To find out further information regarding Tigo, including their company’s history, services and the latest news, please visit their official website at Interested parties can also peruse available career opportunities or partnership information online.


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