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Titanium Backup Releases for Android Lollipop

Titanium Backup is a hugely popular backup program for Android devices. It supports well over 16 million users across more than 30 languages and is often voted as one of the best applications available for the mobile platform.

Android recently updated their operating system to 5.0 (named Lollipop) and has begun rolling it out to some devices. However, this means that developers need to update their apps in order to make them compatible with the new system. While some may still be compatible without changes, those that are more advanced or rich in features will likely need tweaking.

In late November Titanium Backup released their latest version to support Android Lollipop. Although at first the developer had released a test version in order to keep the app working, it is now fully functional on Lollipop and users shouldn’t notice any difference.

Although Android does have a built in backup and restore facility, which has actually been improved from the previous version, it still doesn’t offer the advanced functionality that Titanium Backup does. However, the only downside is that the app requires your phone to be rooted before it can be used.

Simply put, rooting your phone means that you’re opening it up to modification. This will very likely void your warranty and can brick your phone if performed incorrectly, so please ensure you’re confident in your abilities before attempting to root your device.

Titanium Backup allows you to backup and restore all your apps, data and market links. Not only does this include any apps you’ve installed, but also anything that is on the system itself. The app also allows you to 0-click batch and scheduled backups, meaning you don’t have to manually perform it each time. All the best backup systems are automated precisely because you never know when disaster might strike.

Titanium Backup also offers a Pro version of their application which is paid and comes with a whole host of extra features. These include things like multiple backups per app, backup of your messages and calls, syncing to cloud services, encryption and much more. If you’re looking to have a strong backup system then it’s advisable to opt for the Pro version – especially if you’ve got data on your device that would be disastrous to lose.

If you prefer a different backup application that doesn’t yet support Android Lollipop then it’s always worth contacting the developer directly or leaving your thoughts on the app’s page in the Play Store. If there’s enough demand then the developer may take notice and decide to update their application.

Luckily, use of Titanium Backup is so widespread that you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to use the app on whatever version of Android you use (it supports anything from 1.5 onwards).

For more information on Titanium Backup, along with how to download it to your device once rooted, be sure to check it out on the Google Play store. Alternatively, discover more in-depth about the application by visiting the official websitee.


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