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Titanium Backup Gets Oreo Support

Titanium Backup is one of the most popular Android apps of all time, let alone in the backup category. It’s been around for years and helps Android users get full control over their phone backups.

It needs root permissions in order to backup all aspects of your phone, including system files, which isn’t something that you can do with backup apps that don’t need root. If you are considering rooting your phone, bear in mind that you need to follow the instructions carefully because you can risk bricking your phone. And note that the process will very likely void your manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s been announced that Titanium Backup now supports the latest version of the Android operating system, Oreo, and is available for download immediately. Released to the public in late August, whether your phone will be running Oreo depends on when your phone manufacturer pushes it to your device. Some phones may not receive the Oreo update, especially if your phone is older or not considered a flagship, while some manufacturers are just better than others at longevity support.

Oreo brings a number of new features to the Android platform, including better notification management, picture-in-picture modes, simplified customisation options, various integration and API additions, plus enhanced security.

Android Marshmallow introduced the Auto Backup feature, which puts your application data and settings into a Google Drive folder. However, that only works for applications that have added that support, and wasn’t a requirement for developers to have their apps listed on the Play store.

Titanium Backup, on the other hand, backs everything up. That includes copies of apps, passwords, photos, contacts and a whole lot more. Basically, any sort of personal data or data that you wouldn’t want to lose can be safely secured.

It’s estimated that around 4 million devices are currently running Oreo, so those users of Titanium Backup will be pleased to know that the app can now be used on their version of Android. With the update also came the ability to backup WPA/WPA2 protected Wi-Fi networks, along with some major translation updates.

Whether Titanium Backup will be necessary as Android continue to improve their backup solution remains to be seen. Oreo now allows users to back up their app data, call history, device settings, calendar, contacts, photos, videos and SMS messages. This can all be sent straight to Google Drive, and it doesn’t require the device to be rooted either.

This means that it’s a much simpler and accessible backup option for those users who don’t feel comfortable rooting their device or just don’t want to have to deal with third-party applications. It’s always easier when a device supports something natively.

Also, Titanium Backup in no way conforms to any sort of material design. It looks like an Android application from over five years ago. But then again, would you rather favour form over function? Titanium is strong in the latter, but its outdated design is another blocker to picking up less-confident Android users.


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