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How to Transfer Your PS4 Data to the PS4 Pro

Sony recently released the latest version of their current generation console, the PlayStation 4. Named the PS4 Pro, this iteration of the console is capable of 4K, HDR playback for games, ultra-HD media streaming for apps like Netflix, with the internal specifications to match. Sony are hoping that this will not only entice new players to the fold, but also that some will make their upgrade from PS4 to PS4 Pro.

If you’re one of the folk who have made that upgrade and are concerned about bringing your data over, don’t worry. It’s actually an extremely easy process. Though you can use the PS4 Backup and Restore functionality, this needs you to use a formatted USB storage device. You can skip that altogether, however, thanks to the latest 4.0 firmware update.

Before beginning, turn on your original console and sync your trophy data if you haven’t already done this. This is the only thing which won’t carry across otherwise. Next, make sure that both consoles are switched on, connected to the Wi-Fi and running the latest firmware. You only need to have the PS4 Pro hooked up to the TV for the transfer.

Now plug an Ethernet cable into your old PS4 and plug the other end into the PS4 Pro. Next, sign in to the PS4 Pro using your PSN credentials. The new console will then automatically detect that you’ve hooked it up to another PS4.

The new console will then ask if you want to transfer your data from your old console. That’s why you’re here, so confirm that you want to begin this process. Then go to the original PS4 and hold down the power button briefly, until it beeps. Then, when prompted, select ‘Transfer Data from Another PS4’ on the Pro.

The following screen will then ask you what data you want to bring over to the new console. Obviously the more you select, like your applications, saved data and captures, the longer the process will take, possibly up to a couple of hours. You might not see it essential to copy across your applications as they can always be installed at a later date, with stuff like saved data being more essential, but if you’re in no rush and want to keep everything then you may as well select it all.

Once you’ve selected what you want, proceed to the next screen by clicking ‘Next’. When the transfer is complete, the Pro will ask if you want to use the console as your primary PS4. If you want to use features like automatic updates and cloud storage, you’ll have to select ‘Yes, Activate This PS4’ for this option.

Now all you have to do is put your feet up and wait for the process to complete. Do not turn off the consoles during this process or disconnect any of the cables. The PS4 will turn off automatically when the transfer is complete, ready for you to turn it on and dive into the new world of the PS4 Pro.


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