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Tribridge Joins NetSuite as a Solution Provider

As NetSuite has long been a leading provider of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and e-commerce, it’s easy to see why the team at Tribridge would seek to cultivate a relationship with the reputable company. While their entry into the NetSuite Solution Provider Program might not present a large-scale collaborative effort, it certainly presents the opportunity for quickened growth and development on behalf of Tribridge.

Currently operating out of Tampa, Florida, Tribridge, who has experienced consistent revenue growth since the company’s launch in 1998, will utilize NetSuite’s cloud business management service as a part of its line of ERP, CRM and talent management services. Moreover, the implementation of NetSuite marks Tribridge’s very first public, cloud-based ERP service. Tribridge has also announced plans to expand on their current private cloud architecture in the near future.

Ultimately, Tribridge will bring their own knowledge of infrastructure to bolster the integration of NetSuite and Microsoft Azure as well as Office 365 and other enterprise-level technology. Tribridge will utilize NetSuite primarily in the sectors of healthcare and professional services, which includes aspects of management consulting, engineering and more.

However, the new partnership between Tribridge and NetSuite wasn’t formed overnight. In fact, DiBenedetto explained that NetSuite was already pursuing them for inclusion into the NetSuite Solution Provider Program. Although Tribridge had been holding out since 2010, they finally decided to join the program due to a combination of customer feedback as well as the fact that NetSuite gives third-party providers such as Tribridge the opportunity to add their own developments and functionality on top of the framework that has already been established.

Tony DiBenedetto, chairman, CEO and co-founder of Tribridge, spoke about some of the biggest factors surrounding their decision to join NetSuite. He was quoted as saying: “The fact that NetSuite is an all cloud environment was attractive. We needed a platform like NetSuite to be able to get our solutions into the cloud market more quickly. Their brand can attract the kind of customer that puts everything in the cloud.” He continued by saying: “We looked at a lot of cloud products, but were very impressed with how NetSuite allows third parties to build on top of their platform, while still guaranteeing performance.”

In a separate statement, DiBenedetto highlighted the future potential of the partnership. He was quoted as saying: “Tribridge's growth strategy is centered around putting the power of choice in the hands of customers and helping them develop an integrated cloud solution that connects application workloads in a way that best fits their need. We are excited about our new partnership with an organization as well positioned in the market as NetSuite, and we look forward to offering customers a full complement of public and private cloud ERP solutions.”

To find out more information about Tribridge, including the latest news and press releases, information regarding their IT solutions and more, please visit their official website at Conversely, those who are interested in finding out more about NetSuite, please visit their official website at


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