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Acronis Launches True Image 2016

As a company that oversees data protection for 500,000 businesses located throughout 130 separate countries, it’s safe to say that Acronis is quickly gaining steam as a global leader in data protection. With that in mind, the team with Acronis recently released the latest versions of their popular product, Acronis True Image, which includes True Image 2016 as well as True Image Cloud. While Acronis True Image 2016 remains faithful to local, disk-based storage, Acronis’ newly introduced True Image Cloud is their attempt to bring data onto the cloud.

Touted as “the industry’s fastest universal full image backup solution,” True Image 2016 is able to backup individual files, folders or even an entire system. It does so in tandem with the Acronis AnyData Engine, which ensures the protection of all data types. A protocol that is seen in previous versions of True Image, the AnyData Engine controls the capture, storage, recover and access of user data throughout the entire process.

Moreover, True Image Cloud even supports backup to a number of mobile devices, including to an Android phone, Windows tablet, iPhone or iPad. On top of that, Acronis True Image Cloud lets users manage all of their backup needs through a centralized, user-friendly dashboard, which is capable of facilitating data backup and restoration according to file type or size. True Image Cloud even offers an unlimited amount of cloud-based storage, ultimately eliminating the need for localized storage of archival data.

Serguei Beloussov, CEO and co-founder of Acronis, spoke highly about the latest release of True Image. He was quoted as saying: “The new Acronis True Image combines the most advanced technology for backup with an extremely easy and intuitive user experience to provide complete data protection – from pictures, videos and precious personal information to applications and entire computer systems. It's the only solution on the market that gives users complete freedom to protect their data anywhere – in the cloud, locally or a mix of both – on any device.”


The Acronis True Image family of products and services features a varied pricing model that depends on which version you want and how many devices you want to support with Acronis True Image. Their current pricing options support both consumers and enterprises by offering a highly structured, tiered model.

For Acronis True Image Cloud, which features unlimited cloud backup and archival, users will pay $99.99 for a one-year subscription that supports up to five devices. The price is $169.99 to support three computers and 10 devices or $199.99 for five computers and 15 devices.

Users who are interested in purchasing the basic edition of Acronis True Image 2016, which only includes localized backup and restoration functionality, the cost is $49.99 for one computer, $79.99 for three computers or $129.99 for up to five computers.

To discover more about Acronis True Image, including True Image 2016 or True Image Cloud, please visit their official website at Interested parties can also try a free trial of True Image, view the latest blog postings and receive online technical support.


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