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How a Twitter Bot Tracks Tech Complaints

According to recent reports, Twitter boasts over 190 million active users on a daily basis. With so many users, there are bound to be a few who use this platform as a way to voice their complaints about consumer products. Considering Twitter itself is operating in the IT industry, it’s easy to see why so many of these complaints revolve around modern technology.

In fact, consumer complaints are so commonplace on Twitter that a bot was recently developed for the sole purpose of tracking and reporting about these complaints. The bot analyzed thousands of recent tweets surrounding the most popular consumer tech of the day, ultimately assigning each product a score based on the overall percentage of tweets that were meant as complaints.

Overall, the Twitter bot collected data from 22 different countries; thus highlighting products that cause more issues in certain parts of the world than others. Some of the results may surprise you.

A Bevy of Laptop and Tablet Issues

Complaints centered on laptops were found to be very prevalent on Twitter.

• HP laptops accumulated 29.1% of complaints
• Lenovo laptops followed with 28.8% of complaints
• Dell laptops garnered 25.5% of complaints
• Apple laptops performed better than most with 17% of complaints

Tablets and, more specifically, Apple iPads, also received a large number of complaints on Twitter.

• Apple iPad 6 had 33.3% of complaints
• Apple iPad 7 had 27.9% of complaints

According to Electronics Hub, the development team behind the new Twitter bot, approximately 80% of tablet complaints involved the Apple iPad.

The reported stated clearly: “Eight of our top 10 most complained about tablets are from Apple iPad Series. But, it is the sixth-generation iPad that causes the most distress with 33.3% of all tweets about the product.”

Other Issues with Technology

While laptops and tablets made up a large portion of Twitter complaints, they weren’t the only tech gadgets featured in recent complaints. Other products include:

• Microsoft Xbox Series X video game console
• Fitbit Charge 4 smart watch
• GoPro Hero8 Black video camera
• Philips Hue Bridge smarthome connectivity device

As you can see, complaints really covered the spectrum of consumer tech. Between laptops, tablets, smart watches, gaming console, video cameras, smarthome devices, smartphones, and more, it seems that no piece of consumer technology is safe from user complaints.

Some of these complaints are very specific. For example, some of the most common complaints surrounding Apple iPhones included poor sound quality and frequent audio issues. For other products, the complaints are more generalized.

Not Exactly a Scientific Approach

But it’s important to remember that the recent reports from Electronics Hub, as well as their new Twitter bot, don’t follow any sort of standardized scientific approach. While the validity of their research isn’t being questioned, it’s important to take their results with a grain of salt.

For starters, there’s no way to verify whether these complaints are legitimate reviews or just users who are trying to damage a brand’s reputation. It’s also important to remember that users are more likely to post on social media following a bad product experience rather than a great one.


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