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UberCloud Now Offering CAE Applications-as-a-Service

Based out of Sunnyvale, California, the team with UberCloud has recently announced the release of UberCloud Containers. These highly useful offerings will come in the form of a series of ready-to-execute software suites meant to assist engineers in the completion of everyday tasks. By taking advantage of the convenience of UberCloud Containers, users are spared the hassle and time of installing software, configuring systems and controlling operating system commands.

Furthermore, Univa Corporation, based out of Chicago, Illinois, has joined UberCloud in providing a container orchestration environment. While still in its infancy, the initiative currently provides containers for software from ANSYS, Gromacs, NICE DCV, CD-adapco, OpenFOAM, PSPP, NUMECA and Scilad. Support for additional software is expected to be introduced in the near future.

Gary Tyreman, CEO with Univa Corporation, spoke enthusiastically about the new partnership and the opportunities it presents. He was quoted as saying: "We are excited to partner with UberCloud as they build, manage and support performance application containers available to a whole host of new users. The broad use of containers will follow the availability and best practices UberCloud’s unique offering will leverage."

Containers are also highly portable, which is another benefit to scientists, engineers and research professionals. Because the software is not dependent on the specific hardware of the server, UberCloud Containers are easily transported between separate servers and even cloud environments. Not only is this highly convenient, but the fact that these containers are so far removed from any specific hardware means that IT officials are given a much greater variety of choice than ever before.

Wolfgang Gentzsch, president of UberCloud, echoed Tyreman's enthusiasm and optimism by saying: "Application containers bring a simplicity to complicated performance and engineering environments never seen before. UberCloud builds powerful engineering and scientific software application containers as a professional service and in partnership with leading software providers. UberCloud and Univa technologies complement each other with Univa focusing on orchestrating jobs and containers on any computing resource infrastructure."

Charles Hirsch, founder and president with NUMECA, explained how UberCloud's Container technology has helped his company remain current in the face of rapidly evolving technology. He was quoted as saying: "Until recently it was my firm belief that cloud computing for engineering applications is one of the next big challenges we have to solve. But when we came across UberCloud’s new application container technology and containerized all our CFD software packages we were surprised about the ease of use and access to any computing system on demand."

Originally founded in 2012, UberCloud assists researchers, engineers and scientists in locating, trying and purchasing technical-computing-as-a-service within a cloud-based framework. Having completed nearly 200 engineering experiments within the cloud thus far, the team with UberCloud has been able to gain a better understanding of cloud computing. As such, they've been able to further the development of their UberCloud Container technology at a heightened pace.

For more information regarding UberCloud, including details on their latest experiments, access to their online marketplace and more, please visit their official website at


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