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Canonical Unveils Ubuntu Advantage Storage

Traditionally, cloud-based storage providers rely on a pricing model that factors in the number of machines as well as the size of disks needed to fulfill the storage needs of their customers. In an attempt to buck this trend, the experts with Canonical recently unveiled their Ubuntu Advantage Storage platform, which offers software-defined storage and metered payment plans that are based on the amount of data that is actually written. This means customers won’t have to pay for storage space that is left idle and empty.

One of the most attractive features of Ubuntu Advantage Storage is the affordability. Because there are no duplicate costs for replicas, customers only have to pay for the space their currently using. Based upon pricing schemas used in private cloud environments today, this sort of structure has already proven itself as an effective alternative to flat-fee payment plans.

Christian Reis, vice president of hyperscale and storage with Canonical, explained how the new pricing model will help private cloud environments in the future. He was quoted as saying: “Bringing cloud-style pricing to the on-premise market is a key step in the evolution of private cloud. Customers now have utility-based pricing for an open portfolio of software-defined storage solutions from a wide range of competing and innovating players, all under one program, on whatever commodity hardware they prefer.”

With more data being generated on a daily basis now than ever before, this kind of pricing structure could be extremely beneficial – especially to small enterprises and startup ventures. In fact, Canonical designed Ubuntu Advantage Storage specifically with increasing storage demands in mind.

Jane Silber, CEO with Canonical, spoke about the difficulty of keeping up with a heightened rate of data generation in the 21st century. She was quoted as saying: “The pace of data creation is exploding. As unstructured data fills disks and data retention policies lengthen, every organization must grow their storage infrastructure. Organizations facing the imperative to scale need cloud-style economics in the pricing of software and services, and that’s what the Ubuntu Advantage Storage service offers.”

Service Features and Costs

A number of complementary features are included along with Ubuntu Advantage Storage. Perhaps the most useful feature, however, is the ability to add in machines or disks as needed. Not only does this bolster the scalability of Ubuntu Advantage Storage, but it eliminates the need for expensive SAN or NAS arrays. Moreover, IT officials will also benefit from the ability to leverage Canonical’s own team of experts as a L1 support provider.

Other features include full support for deployment, data management and security as well as frequent software and system updates. Finally, customers will also have access to a dedicated knowledge base as well as technical support that is available 24x7. At the time of this writing, pricing for Ubuntu Advantage Storage starts at $0.022 per usable gigabyte per month.

To find out more information about Canonical, including details regarding Ubuntu, Ubuntu Advantage Storage or any of the company’s other solutions, feel free to visit their website at


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