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How Ukraine is Using Clearview AI During Wartime

The team with Clearview AI is accustomed to using next-gen technology. Some of their solutions, including facial recognition scanning and verification, have been used by various law enforcement agencies across the globe. But with the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, their advanced technology is being used in several new and innovative ways.

As noted in a recent interview with Reuters, Clearview AI is not offering their services to Russia.

Stopping the Spread of Misinformation

For starters, Clearview AI is helping the Ukrainian government stop the spread of misinformation throughout their country. While we saw the use of fake news and misinformation on behalf of U.S. Republicans in the recent presidential election, Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, is attempting to use many of the same tactics on his people, civilians in Ukraine, and the viewers around the world.

Additionally, Clearview AI’s technology is easily adapted to current social media technologies, including Facebook, where it can be used to identify suspicious accounts and Russian operatives or help flag posts that contain controversial or misleading information.

Identifying Casualties

One of the biggest benefits provided by Clearview AI’s technology comes in the form of their massive database and search engine of faces. Often used in various facial recognition applications, the technology can be employed in numerous instances during this conflict.

Firstly, it can be used to identify those who are dead and wounded in the absence of any other identifiers. This alone can be invaluable when it comes to filling out records, notifying families, and accounting for any missing persons. In some cases, Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology is more accurate than fingerprint identification – even if a significant amount of facial damage is present.

Screening and Verifying Refugees

But their facial recognition technology is also being used at border checkpoints to screen refugees. In this application, it could help identify Russian soldiers who are attempting to disguise their identities and flee the region with legitimate refugees. Clearview AI’s technology also has application when it comes to reuniting refugees with their family members.

A Highly Guarded Secret

Exactly how Clearview AI is being used by the Ukrainian government is unclear. Since they don’t want to give the Russian military any insight, representatives with Clearview and Ukraine are tight-lipped about their specific applications on the battlefield today.

What we do know, however, is that Clearview AI’s facial recognition database is far more effective than the one provided by PimEyes; a search engine that’s available for public usage. Although that tool has been used to identify specific individuals from historic war photos in the past, the database provided by Clearview currently boasts more than 2 billion facial images of Russian citizens. Most of these images have been gleaned from the highly popular Russian social media site known as VKontakte.

In all, Clearview AI’s facial recognition database has more than 10 billion images in all. While there’s no doubt that these digital images will prove highly useful in the coming days, weeks, and maybe even months – even if it’s not quite clear how the data is being used.


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