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Ultimaco Introduces New Cloud-Oriented Load Balancing Functionality

With an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, the team with Ultimaco regularly responds to the input of their service users. In their latest effort, which was sparked entirely from increasing customer demand, developers with Ultimaco have introduced brand new load balancing functionality within the CryptoServer Hardware Security Module, or HSM. The upgrade is meant to facilitate the virtualization of hardware-based security on behalf of independent cloud applications located within single HSM clusters.

A Tiered Approach

CryptoServer HSM is able to facilitate load balancing capabilities through its tiered architecture. The framework provides three layers of advanced cryptography, which ultimately bolsters data security. Each tier is described below.

The multi-tenancy functionality in Ultimaco’s CryptoServer HSM provides the first layer, or dimension, of CryptoServer HSM’s tiered security architecture. Multi-tenancy options are meant to streamline deployments and reduce operational costs. Credential management, which includes key management, usage and user-specific authentication measures, remains on an independent partition and available only to the company which it belongs.

Next, CryptoServer HSM utilizes a highly secured crypto processing platform, which takes advantage of numerous cryptographic protocols, concepts and algorithms. This serves to safeguard all data, including ingoing and outgoing communications, from outside threats.

Rounding out CryptoServer HSM’s tiered cryptography framework consists of their comprehensive key management functionality, which relies on randomly generated numbers to provide security keys that are 100% unique. The fact that such keys are stored within the HSM itself adds another level of security that is meant to prevent issues like key cloning.

Moreover, IT officials will retain complete control over the HSM in both public and private cloud environments. Network administrators will be able to access their HSM either through a remote location or in person.

Ultimaco’s tiered approach to cryptography provides a platform that is incredibly efficient, flexible and reliable. The high customizability as well as the comprehensiveness of the HSM makes it easy to integrate into existing networks and systems, and IT administrators will benefit from streamlined operations, improved network security and greater system control.

In Closing

Malte Pollmann, chief executive officer of Ultimaco, spoke about the needs of his customers as well as his company’s efforts to accommodate them. He was quoted as saying: “In my conversations with customers, the demand for more advanced cloud security always comes up as enterprises increasingly put more confidential data in the cloud. With our new hardware offering, we can help cloud providers and independent companies alike power both HSM-as-a-Service and protection of cloud applications with an HSM. Compared to software technology, hardware-based security offers unmatched, tamper-proof protection without risk of third-party backdoor access, which is critical for any company looking to secure sensitive customer and corporate data both on premise and in the cloud.”

Headquartered out of Germany, Ultimaco currently maintains auxiliary offices in the United States as well as Singapore. For further information regarding Ultimaco, including details on CryptoServer, partnership information and online technical support, please visit their website at Alternatively, U.S.-based users can call 1-844-ULTIMACO to speak with a live company representative.


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