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Unitrend Pioneers Forever Cloud to Store Data

Unitrends has been filling an important niche in the area of data backup, recovery and archival through products like Unitrends Recovery Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup. While such software has proven incredibly useful to their customers, the recent introduction of the Unitrends Forever Cloud promises to bolster the functionality of these programs even further.

Putting it simply, the Unitrends Forever Cloud provides its customers with infinite data retention within the cloud. In practice, customers of Unitrends’ customers are able to keep small chunks of data on their own premises for immediate access while archiving data that requires the long-term retention capabilities of the Forever Cloud. As such, enterprises are able to minimize their IT expenses and operating costs through the highly innovative and unique hybrid cloud architecture.

Kevin Weiss, chief executive officer and president of Unitrends, spoke about the benefits of Unitrends Forever Cloud in a recent interview. He was quoted as saying: “As organizations increasingly turn to the cloud for backup, storage and disaster recovery, our continual innovation equips them with radically simple, yet extremely effective cloud solutions that meet their individual data protection needs. Unitrends Cloud is a complete cloud recovery service featuring off-site storage, instant recovery and long-term retention, delivering unrivaled data protection that IT professionals can bank on.”

The idea for the Unitrends Forever Cloud platform is not something that came out of the blue. In fact, the team with Unitrends listened to specific customer concerns when developing the Forever Cloud, including the need for granulated protection and increased data retention timelines.

Mark Campbell, chief technology officer with Unitrends, spoke about those concerns when he said: “Customers told us they want the ability to buy smaller chunks of storage and use it to provide extended data protection on only some of their virtual machines. They wanted the granularity of protecting a portion of their local backups in the cloud. We had other customers that already have disaster recovery, but want to extend retention to seven years or longer. The third thing customers told us was: 'Don't make us buy raw blocks of storage in the cloud.”

As mentioned, data retention within the Unitrends Forever Cloud revolves around a simplified pricing structure. Storage space can be purchased in increments of 500 GB, and users are never hit with additional charges or fees. Service subscriptions can also be purchased, thereby providing enterprises with enough storage space to accommodate their business as it grows.

To find out more information about the services offered by Unitrends, including Unitrends Recovery Series, Unitrends Enterprise Backup and the new Unitrends Forever Cloud, please visit their official website at Apart from detailed product and pricing information, interested parties can also access a bevy of online resources, view information about the company and even see partnership information. Current users of Unitrends’ solutions are also able to receive technical support through the website. If you would rather speak with a live representative over the telephone, you can also call them at 866-359-5411.


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