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Unitrends Announces Free Data Backup and Recovery

Unitrends, a company focused on disk-to-disk networking, disaster recovery and business continuity services, has recently announced the public beta release of their new software, Unitrends Free, which offers virtual data protection, verification, testing and development. As the name implies, the software protects up to 1 TB of virtual data completely free of charge, which includes vSphere and Hyper-V backups for an unlimited number of virtual machines.

Mark Campbell, chief technology officer with Unitrends, spoke candidly in a recent interview with eWEEK, where he was quoted as saying: "We want to build a community of IT professionals who use Unitrends Free as a vehicle for not only virtual backup, but also for business continuity. Additionally, we want to cultivate a community of channel partners who use Unitrends Free to increase their lead generation, profitability and recurring revenue. Free is a community-inspired, community-driven product that will play a key role in guiding the company’s future business continuity R&D efforts."

Adding to the functionality and desirability of Unitrends Free is the fact that the software can be used in tandem with the most popular cloud platforms of today, including Google Nearline, Gooogle Cloud and Amazon Simple Storage Service, or S3. As such, enterprise-level users will be granted a high degree of business continuity between internal figureheads, IT officials and external partners.

Other features of Unitrends Free include an incredibly intuitive scheduling interface complete with day-to-day recovery options, block-level tracking and incremental backup capabilities. As such, users are able to maintain a consistent and effective backup schedule without assuming increased downtime or loss of productivity.

Campbell continued in his interview, saying: “There will be an increasing focus on business continuity both on premises and in the cloud, and advanced continuity techniques for not only virtual, such as VMware vSphere," Microsoft Hyper-V and other environments, but physical environments as well. There will also be an emphasis on recovery assurance, which moves a business from having recovery point objective and recovery time objective goals to enabling recovery time actuals through application-level recovery assurance.”

Another benefit granted to users of Unitrends Free is the availability of a dedicated and knowledgeable community. Consisting of IT professionals from all around the globe, their community has been developed and refined over nearly three decades of service in the IT industry.

About Unitrends

Unitrends, as a company, has been a major player in the scene since 1989. Originally founded by Steve Schwartz in Columbia, South Carolina, Unitrends made a reputation in the emerging niche of data backup and recovery before it caught on to the mainstream. Although they take up a smaller share of the spotlight these days, they’ve maintained their presence in the IT industry ever since. The company currently works with a base of thousands of technology resellers and managed service providers, as well as hosting their own, multi-tenant, public cloud service known as Unitrends Cloud.

For more information on Unitrends, including a list of data backup and disaster recovery solutions, technical support and even career information with the company, interested parties are invited to visit their official website at


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