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Using Box Drive to Create, Edit, Store and Share Files

Box Drive, pioneered by the expert team at Box, is a highly innovative attempt to blur the lines between the desktop on your PC and modern cloud infrastructure. As so many consumers are already familiar with operating systems like Windows and Mac, Box hopes there new device will help attract even more attention to the cloud.

Making the Cloud More Accessible to All

As mentioned, the primary purpose of the Box Drive is to make the cloud more accessible to all users, regardless of their experience or familiarity with next-gen infrastructure. Users are now able to create, edit, store and share files from the desktop they’re accustomed to – you’ll hardly even notice the fact that you’re connected to the cloud.

Cloud storage is limited, but different pricing plans are available for those who require more or less space. Those who need unlimited storage can get that too – for a price. Not only does this make it easier to collaborate with co-workers and peers, but it eliminates the need for network file sharing while simultaneously providing greater system security.

Using Box Drive is rather straightforward and simple. The program integrates directly into Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. All you have to do is open your Box Drive folder to upload, download, create, edit, store or share your files.

Reducing Costs Across the Board

According to recent studies by Box, some customers in healthcare, real estate and the financial sector could see three-year savings up to $6 million by upgrading their legacy storage systems to Box Drive. Even more savings could result from the enhanced security of the program as well as the comprehensive customer service offered by Box’s support team.

Schneider Electric recently cut their operational costs by 30% by using Box Drive. They transitioned nearly half of all their employees to the Box platform and have seen a massive increase in productivity as a result.

Herve Coureil, chief information officer with Schneider Electric, described how Box Drive helped him create standardization in online file sharing by saying: “In our BYOD program, people were using consumer file sharing and collaboration apps they found on their own. We wanted to bring that under control, so we searched for a tool that had a consumer look and feel but enterprise chops.”

Broadcom Limited has also enjoyed a great deal of success with the Box Drive. They recently reduced costs by almost $5 million over a five-year period by bringing 80% of their employee base to the improved platform. As expected, the move increased collaboration between teammates and bolstered individual productivity to brand new heights.

Try Box Drive For Yourself

To find out more information about Box, Box Drive or any of their other products or services, please visit their official website at {{|}}. You’ll also be able to find detailed pricing information, helpful online resources, useful contact information or a link to download a free demo version of Box Drive. There's nothing to lose by trying out Box Drive today!


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