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Introducing the VaultLogix CloudArc

Founded in 2002, VaultLogix, an InterCloud Systems company, has been providing data storage and backup services to an international cast of enterprises and businesses. Currently hosting datacenters in multiple locations in both the United States and Canada, the team is solidifying their efforts in the cloud computing game through the release of VaultLogix CloudArc.

Billed as part of the VaultLogix Advantage suite, which features a hybrid cloud architecture, CloudArc is the final piece to the puzzle that is the VaultLogix Data Prioritization plan. With the addition of CloudArc, the Data Prioritization plan now consists of four separate services, which are described below.

The VaultLogix Critical Cloud is meant for the storage of mission-critical data, although users also have the option of storing data on a local image. The third service gives clients unlimited backup capabilities as well as the ability to store data to nearly any device, while the fourth and final service, CloudArc, fulfills the need for off-premises storage of mission-critical data. With these four services in place, VaultLogix is able to provide a highly robust and versatile cloud computing platform.

Mark Munro, CEO of InterCloud Systems, spoke about their long-term commitment to the protection of cloud-based data. He was quoted as saying: “We continue to focus on new cloud data protection product rollouts that can have an immediate impact on our clients’ needs. Our development team at VaultLogix has an aggressive product roadmap and will continue to stay ahead of the competition. We are more than pleased with the financial results at VaultLogix since they joined our team in 2014.”

Apart from the comprehensive Data Prioritization Plan, the team with VaultLogix also hopes that their pricing options will attract additional customers. With the ability to offer all of their services under a single invoice and through a single vendor, VaultLogix has effectively streamlined the entire process.

Tim Hannibal, senior vice president of Cloud Solutions, spoke about the current state of pricing regarding data storage and backup. He was quoted as saying: “Companies are producing more and more data every day. A lot of that data is older, doesn’t change often and companies don’t want to pay a premium to back it up. With CloudArc, VaultLogix is introducing a low cost archiving solution which will cost pennies per GB.”

For more information on VaultLogix, an InterCloud Systems Company, please visit their website at The site provides detailed information on all of their services offerings, including cloud-based backup, the Data Prioritization Plan, the VaultLogix Advantage suite and CloudArc, as well as access to online resources, technical support and even a free trial of their software. Users who would prefer to speak to a live company representative can do so by calling 877-828-5856 or by sending an email to

To find out more information about InterCloud Systems, Inc., the parent company of VaultLogix, please visit their website at InterCloud Systems provides a number of IT networking solutions, including network function virtualization (NFV), software-defined networking and more.


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