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New Veeam Update Includes VM Replication

The latest update to Veeam Availability Suite, version 9, was introduced in June of 2015. Apart from facilitating access to disaster recovery-as-a-service functionality, the update also introduced cloud-based virtual machine replication through Veeam Cloud Connect.

Veeam’s Cloud Connect program has been used for. In fact, it was first seen in version 8 of Veeam Availability Suite. The primary purpose of Veeam Cloud Connect is to simplify the process of using the cloud as an off-premises storage solution. The newest version adds in even more functionality as it streamlines the process even further by improving recovery times, increasing security and enhancing accessibility.

Ratmir Timashev, CEO of Veeam, spoke about the usefulness of Veeam Cloud Connect. He said: “It is critical to keep standby copies of data both on and off-site. Veeam Cloud Connect not only enables our users to fulfill the offsite requirement without having to invest in offsite infrastructure or management, but also presents new opportunities for service providers to build recurring revenue from their existing customer base, expand their presence in the DRaaS market, and establish relationships with new customers.”

Primary Features

As detailed in Veeam’s initial press release for Veeam Availability Suite v9, the VM replication functionality of Cloud Connect includes a number of primary features and benefits. This includes network connectivity through an SSL connection, integrated WAN acceleration, network traffic reduction algorithms and more.

Failover support is also a primary feature of Veeam Availability Suite v9. Not only does the software include full site failover and partial failover, but failover testing is available to ensure the integrity and reliability of your system. Finally, failback functionality exists in order to further support business continuity.

While Veeam Cloud Connect Replication for Service Providers technically requires its own license to operate, it opens up plenty of new opportunities in the niche of disaster recovery-as-a-service. Moreover, because Veeam does not currently offer its own cloud platform, managed service providers won’t have to compete with Veeam over customers.

CodeBlue, the largest provider of managed services for small and medium-sized enterprises in New Zealand, was excited to hear of the recent update. Chris Thorpe, CodeBlue’s virtual CIO, was quoted as saying: “Veeam’s decision to expand Cloud Connect to allow for offsite replication is welcome news to us. Enabling seamless DRaaS is an excellent addition to Veeam Cloud Connect. It will immediately enhance our own backup and data recovery offerings, allowing us to offer our customers an extension to the cloud backup option already in place. With this service, in conjunction with our own virtual private server offering, we will be able to stand customers back up in the cloud almost instantaneously, not matter what happens – which is great news.”

Veeam Cloud Connect will be rolled out during the second half of 2015. The software is available at no cost for members of Veeam’s Cloud Provider program. To find out more information about Veeam Cloud Connect or any of Veeam’s other services and solutions, please visit their official website at


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