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Introduction to the Verizon Cloud Marketplace

Acting as a virtual storefront from cloud computing services, the Verizon Cloud Marketplace was launched near the end of 2014. Offering quick and easy access to crucial services and functionality within the cloud, the Verizon Cloud Marketplace features offerings from a number of highly reputable and prolific companies.

Siki Giunta, senior vice president with Cloud Services at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, spoke enthusiastically about the launch of the Verizon Cloud Marketplace during the initial press release. “The launch of Verizon Cloud Marketplace is an important milestone in the ongoing evolution of our cloud ecosystem. Verizon Cloud Marketplace is all about simplifying and streamlining migration to the cloud, and enterprises using Verizon Cloud will now have access to a growing number of industry-leading cloud-based applications required to power their businesses in the digital age.”

Primary Benefits

There are a plethora of benefits afforded to customers of Verizon’s Cloud Marketplace. As listed on their website, the marketplace offers highly intuitive service discovery as well as granular search capabilities, clear, concise and transparent pricing information with consolidated billing options, flexible user licensing and the ability to deploy to any cloud architecture or resource group.

Onboarding Services

In order to make the most of the Verizon Cloud Marketplace, new customers are urged to take advantage of the numerous onboarding services offered by Verizon. This includes IT architecture planning, creation of best practices, redundancy support, system optimization, network security, virtual machine integration and backup planning. While these services aren’t required by any means, they will certainly help establish a strong cloud framework that will be relevant and efficient for some time to come.

Additional Services

The Verizon Cloud Marketplace is categorized into six separate groups of services and applications. Groups include Data Management, Security and Networking, Software Development Tools, Cloud Management Tools, Business Applications and Service Offerings. Customers are encouraged to mix and match whatever services they find useful across all categories. Software developers and service providers are also able to sell their own offerings via the Verizon Cloud Marketplace.

Industry Partnerships

As mentioned, the Verizon Cloud Marketplace truly serves as a gateway to connect customers with cloud-centric services and apps. Some of the biggest partnerships to date include Hitachi Data Systems, AppDynamics, Juniper Networks, Tervela and many more.

Giunta mentioned Hitachi in a specific comment, saying: “Verizon Cloud Marketplace is designed to meet the requirements of enterprise customers by providing one-stop access to the cloud-based applications required to enable their business operations. Working with companies such as Hitachi Data Systems and others across the cloud ecosystem, we will continue to expand the number of pre-certified cloud application to streamline the cloud purchasing process and help enterprises improve efficiency and deployment cycles.”

For more information on any of Verizon’s cloud services, including the Verizon Cloud Marketplace, visit their website at Here you can find a comprehensive overview of all of the solutions available in the marketplace, detailed documentation and more. Additionally, interested parties can chat with a live representative via their official website.


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